Autobiography Volume 2 (1968-1986): "Hell or the Garden of Eden"


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By Myron Evans

"This is volume two of my autobiography, and describes the years 1968 to 1986. The first volume (1950 - 1968) was published with Authors Online and its information is on the home page of Both volumes are very popular open source off, and are available in the blue box above the coat of arms on the home page of This volume describes my undergraduate and graduate days at University College of Wales Aberystwyth, and my post doctoral days at Oxford, Aberystwyth, Bangor and Swansea up to the point where I left in October 1986 to become a visiting full professor at I.B.M., Kingston, New York State. It is a candid account of good and bad times and is also a detailed review of all the scientific papers, reviews and books of that era in which I set two "world records" : youngest recorded D. Sc. degree under modern rules (1978), still a record today, and record number of prestigious Fellowships in open competition, still a record today. The volume describes the sometimes very exciting discoveries made in Room 262 of the Edward Davies Chemical Laboratories with the BBC Hall of Fame Group as it was later named with Gareth Evans, Mauro Ferrario and Colin Reid. I was appointed a Civil List Pensioner in 2005 by Queen Elizabeth II as a token of her gratitude and that of the countries of Britain, for distinguished service to science and raised to the Gentry in 2008 (Royal Section of "Burke's Peerage an Gentry" 2012) because of descent from the Princes, and on my own merit."

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