New Beginnings



By Veronica Byrne

Verity’s story begins with her childhood living amid the factories and Docklands of North Woolwich in the 1960’s. Now living in Dagenham, Verity, tells episodes of her life to her granddaughter Laura. Laura is a student needing real life stories for her Oral History Project and her Nan is happy to help her. 

The highs and lows of Verity’s life are revealed and through her darkest moments her faith in the Blessed Virgin Mary carry her through tough times and unexpected life changes.  Following the Virgin Mary’s guidance, Verity’s life now find new pathways as old doors close and new ones open, bringing unexpected life changes. She has stepped out into the unknown.

From her beginnings in North Woolwich to South Africa and Ugandan orphaned children, her life has changed and Laura makes unexpected changes too.

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