Identity: A man's quest to discover his true self



By Chris Boult

Rory Scott is a young probation officer working in mid Staffordshire. Working closely with the Police and the Prison Service he is busy unravelling the trail of destruction left by a local celebrity exposed as a child sex offender. His role regularly involves helping people make important steps about understanding their past and in trying to become the kind of person they would like to be. This raises questions for him about himself and his own background.


Rory later discovers an unexpected facet of his own family history which has shocking implications and sets him on a quest to discover the truth about his past and reveal his true identity.


Can he rely on his sister’s trust and support during this time or does he risk being estranged from his family altogether? Time spent with her including travelling along the local canals helps to clarify his thoughts until a tragic discovery leads him to a final unexpected conclusion.

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