Fenman: Last Stronghold



By Alan Robert Lancaster

"The Danes have taken treasures from the abbey at Burh at Abbot Brand's request, to keep them from William's appointed Norman abbot Turold. Now the Tanner's Grandson has the rebels where he wants them, so he thinks.

Ivar and friends are joined on Ely by Tostig's sons, amongst others. Hereward has the task of directing the many men he has, whilst Earl Morkere has a watching brief on the isle. In reality Morkere's time is spent either drunk or in bed with the lissom Ingirid.

Ivar and friends play their parts both in raiding, and in defending Ely. The uncanny has its part to play in the bleak Fenland winter. A witch has been summoned by Ivo de Taillebois, the Norman shire reeve of Lincolnshire, to put a curse on the defenders  Her tower-top antics back-fire on her and she falls from the flaming timber tower to her death. Ivar is visited by the spirit of Hel - the guardian of the Norse un-dead - that spells doom on his continued womanising. And a nun, cast-out by Abbot Thurstan, becomes the spirit of the venerable Aetheldreda of Ely on the field of battle close to Ely.

Follow Ivar, Saeward, Harding, Osgod, the bowman Hringolf and friends through a campaign to unseat the unwanted king.

This is book seven of the RAVENFEAST saga, Ivar's saga.

Read about his adventures, and the background to the era, in the series on: http://hubpages.com/literature/THE-RAVENFEAST-SERIES. Savour the read...

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