The Headhunter



By E. J. Gray

Why would Adam Noone contemplate the murder of his new boss? After all, he is a respectable and successful "headhunter", isn't he? This darkly humorous book charts the downward spiral of a tarnished and self-absorbed protagonist as he travels from naive enthusiasm to cynical disillusionment through his career as a recruitment consultant at the turn of the century. We encounter a succession of flawed characters and debauched scenarios as Noone gets caught up in a heady world of arrogance and excess in sexist, pre-credit-crunch business Britain. By the end, Noone’s fragile state of mind and misery at his life gone wrong are laid bare. Will he kill her or won’t he?

Anyone who has worked in an office will recognise characters and behaviours, if not incidents: sit back and enjoy the ride!

“Does to Headhunting what 'Cityboy' did for the Square Mile”

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