The Hidden Self



By Dr M. Bahaidar

Most of us have earned names out of the situations we find ourselves. Some are authentic while others are fictions. All in all, we all need to define and understand how we operate in our daily grind. Understanding ourselves might change our perception on how we view situations. Let's not confine ourselves to only one side of the coin.

Mostly there is duality in existence; bad and good; happiness and sadness. With that in mind, life then becomes a puzzle with men trying to define it for decades.  How were we to define life in a general perspective while we all pass through divergent occurrence. We can't conclude on life by speculating someone's journal or even someone's experience. Life will only be determined by how we view ourselves.

Knowing yourself is a key factor, to personal development and achieving potentials triumph. Individuals such as Arnold Schwarzenegger were able to reach their point of success after accepting their inner self. They had to unleash the potentials they held within. To Attain 7 Mr. Olympia titles, 13 gold medals and 1 Mr. Universe title was a huge breakthrough on his part. Although it isn't an easy task but through understanding yourself and working diligently towards your desired dreams, it then becomes a reality.

Once we are able to fathom our structures of existence and how they operate within us. I see no obstacle to not only master our mode of living but also being able to attain all our desired dream and making them a reality.

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