Collected Scientometrics


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By Myron Evans

This first volume of the scientifically famous "Book of Scientometrics" is unique in the history of science and records in great and accurate detail the meteoric impact of the first successful unified field theory in the history of science, the Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) unified field theory. This theory has attracted about fifty million readings at the minimum off the internet since May 2002. Volume One of "The Book of Scientometrics" is currently being read at the rate of 3,969 times a year from judging by the first eight days of April 2015. It took eleven years to compile from April 30th 2004 to present by daily monitoring with a few exceptions, for example when I was unavoidably detained at Buckingham Palace one summer day in 2010 at the invitation of my distant Tudor cousin Queen Elizabeth II. I decided to eat the cucumber sandwiches instead of doing the stats in the Garden Party. This book is a revolutionary new concept in the measurement of the impact of a theory, given the name "Scientometrics". The phenomenal impact of ECE theory has been recorded in a way that the world of science has never seen before, with its obsolete reliance on citations of things that are often never read. The scientometrics in this book are very carefully filtered and accurately recorded, and are confined to the intellectual elite around the world: universities, institutes, organizations, government departments, prominent corporations, military facilities and so forth. This intellectual elite makes up a tiny 2% of the vast total readership of the theory. The data are made available in this softback for the first time. As Jeff Rense told me in a recent radio broadcast, "Bob Dylan would have been proud of this".

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