Learning to Learn from Experience: Living a Mindful Reflective Life



By Dr. Shahla Yassaei

Reflecting on personal experience is an important source of learning and development. Reflection, if done in an effective and informed way, can improve different aspects of our personal and professional life, and help us cope with the stress of the modern life. In this book, Dr. Yassaei explains what effective mindful reflection is and how we can engage in and benefit from it. Through introducing a framework for reflection as well as a variety of different tips and techniques, Dr. Yassaei describes how an effective mindful engagement with reflection can help us learn from our past experience, improve different aspects of our lives, be at peace with the world around us, and avoid over-thinking and over-analysing.

Dr. Shahla Yassaei holds a PhD degree in Reflective Practice from the Institute of Education, University of Reading. She has extensive research experience in the areas of personal and professional development.

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