Self-Publish as a Teen or Young Adult

If you’re a young adult and are passionate about writing, and currently have something you want to say or communicate in the form of a book, the self-publishing industry may be an ideal stepping stone for you. The industry and growth in technology has allowed more opportunities for all authors out there, both young and old, making it more affordable and accessible to budding young authors out there.

Successful Teen Authors from Self-Publishing

Although we don’t make promises that your book will be successful, we can help support our authors in the adventure that they take on, giving industry advice and tips that our authors have found very valuable. We also understand that the whole process may be a little daunting, or that young authors may be less experienced than others out there, but if you have a great story to tell, we have found that age is no barrier. The industry has seen a noticeable rise in the number of teen authors become recognised, we also represent young authors that have had success recently.

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