Self-published author celebrates Pen to Print win and book launch with special event

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Gaia Effect

Claire BussWhen Claire Buss walked past Dagenham Library and spotted a poster for a writer’s workshop, she was immediately drawn in. Little did she know that it would lead to her first self-published novel, thanks to the Pen to Print competition that lay beyond the workshop.

“I got through the to the final eight, which was amazing,” explains Claire in a video interview. “I somehow managed to write a book in the space of about three months and ended up coming second place in the competition!”

Claire’s book, The Gaia Effect, is set in a distant future and within a place known as City 42, where the mighty Corporation looks after everyone from cradle to grave by controlling the provision of food, delivery of technology and, most importantly of all, the continuation of the human race.

It follows Kira and Jed Jenkins, who, after winning a lottery, are granted ‘Collection’, which enables them to have a child - delivered, of course, by the Corporation. However, when their friends start to conceive naturally, everything changes. Has the Corporation been lying to them? What really lies beyond the walls from which they are apparently protected?

A real page-turner set in a dystopian future that explores the far reaches of governmental control and the never-ending desire of the human race to forge its own path, The Gaia Effect has already amassed some rave reviews on Amazon.

To celebrate the launch of the book, Claire held an author event in March at her local library, which drew in a sizeable crowd and gave her the opportunity to speak about her inspiration for the novel. It also provided those in attendance with the chance to purchase a copy of the book.

Well done, Claire - we’re proud of you!

Below, is a little video about the evening, and if you’d like to purchase The Gaia Effect, simply head over to Amazon!


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