Broadcast Media Service - £249.00

As a published author you need to promote your book if you wanted it to gain traction with sales and exposure, the New Generation Publishing - Broadcast Media Service can help you do this.

Radio is a wonderful way of reaching millions of intelligent, active and affluent men and women around the country. Local radio can help you branch out to an audience within your geographical vicinity and can boost your exposure and, hopefully, sales.

Many local radio stations are looking for writers that they can interview for 10 – 20 minutes and perhaps invite back for other shows.

But how will they know how to find you?

Our Media Officer will contact up to five local radio stations on your behalf (depending on your geographical location and the radio stations available), initially with a press release (written by us and agreed between us) and then followed up by telephone contact with the producers of the relevant shows.

Once any radio interview has been organised, our Media Officer will have two half an hour telephone conversations where they will give you relevant media training.

They will also email you a free handy point by point guide to broadcast interviews. As most radio stations have digital availability, the Media Officer will also listen to the interview and give feedback.

For further information please call 01234 711956 / 020 7300 7370 or email

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