Library e-lending Service - £199.00

e-lendingThis is new and unique service that New Generation Publishing can offer all authors who currently have an e-Book published by New Generation Publishing.

The service supplied is specifically designed to be used by UK libraries. Only sell to libraries, do not sell e-Books to private individuals. Authorised institutional readers and librarians access Reader and Admin portals over the web where e-Books are presented in a highly secure and controlled environment. 

Libraries buy their e-Books one at a time and pay the price set. When an e-Book is sold it comes with 400 usages per annum – called ‘credits’. A usage constitutes opening and closing the e-Book (whether for one minute or one hour).  If usage exceeds 400 in a year the library will have to buy a second copy or lose access. 

To aid discovery of e-Books all libraries are provided with top quality catalogue records for inclusion in their online catalogues (OPACs), and also work with Open URL link resolvers such as SFX. 

e-Books are locked down with very robust DRM and security protocols that prevent copying or cloning of the e-Book. 

If you are interested in learning more about this service or about our e-Book service, please call 01234 711956, email info@newgeneration-publishing.com or click here to complete the enquiry form. 

Take advantage of these unique services when self publishing with New Generation Publishing.

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