Like a critique of your manuscript? from £299.00 

As an Author with a completed manuscript would you like an unbiased and professional opinion of your manuscript?

Most authors are always looking for someone else apart from friends and family (who do sometimes offer a good opinion) to read their manuscript and give a critique.

New Generation Publishing can now offer a readers report critique service.

The NGP Reader's Report will offer the author a 3 - 5 page report divided into two parts;

In the first part, the reviewer will provide editorial feedback on the storyline itself and how it could be improved, whilst pointing out any inconsistencies / omissions in the narrative.

In the second part, the reviewer will provide some grammatical (spelling and wording) feedback and corrections.

Our readers are skilled professionals with many years of experience in assessing manuscripts for publication.

Any comments in the report can then be later used in the book and on press releases.

Once the report has been sent back to the author, the author will then have the oppurtunity to make any ammendments before proceeding with book publication.

If you would like to know more about the Readers Report / Critique Service, or to discuss anything to do with the publication of your book, please contact us on 01234 711956, email or complete the form provided on the right hand side of this page.

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