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Online Publishers – In a New Generation of Publishing

New Generation are at the forefront on developments in the publishing industry, this experience has helped many authors become self-published, this has been aided by technological developments that have lowered the barriers to entry for many individuals that were previously too high to reach.

The self-publishing industry is largely fuelled by the digital age, and developments that will be elaborated in more detail. We believe that keeping up with the trends and developments have helped our clients work grow. We also have a healthy appreciation of how the Internet can make or break a title which is why we utilise our experience to become a successful online publisher bringing our clients into 2014.

Online Distribution

The distribution of a book can be carried taken care of online, if you’re not interested in having your book on a shelf on the High Street, E-reader or E-book publishing is a good method for you. This is making your copy available online for people to download directly to their devices. This cuts out a lot of factors when compared to book printing, this can also channel many countries across the world and if you’re a niche author this may be a good option due to the volume of people.

Online retailing on websites such Amazon is another great way to get your book out there, online shops such as this can aid with distribution compared to traditional bookshops as books can be printed using POD a print-on-demand technology that allows you to print a book once an order has been placed, minimising any storage needs and costs, followed by posting.

Digital Marketing

Being online publishers allows us to advise on the best channels for your title. The Internet is a great way to advertise and market a book. Using social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are good methods for branding or creating a buzz about your book. PR campaigns are also something can be taken care of online. There are many other channels that could be addressed such as approaching online book shops, or blogs asking them to feature your book for an agreed cost or favour. The World Wide Web is a fantastic resource, we can offer advice of how to promote and distribute your book completely online, or create the best package utilising the best of traditional print and digital methods.
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