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Publishing a Landscape Book

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Publishing a Landscape Book

New Generation Publishing has long prided itself on printing in a huge number of traditional book formats. Authors usually decide whether to print in hardback or paperback, often both, colour or black and white, and then with the support of our team would choose one of the many book sizes available to them.

 However, we are always looking for new services to add for our authors and one of the questions we found ourselves regularly asked was whether we can print in landscape format.

Landscape Format

Landscape printing is where the width is usually longer than the height of the book and the binding is at the top rather than on the left-hand side. It is commonly seen in calendars but also more recently in an increasingly number of children's books. As we always like to listen to our customers, our team went to work and we can now offer landscape printing to our authors, and in fact we believe we are now one of the few self-publishing companies to do so.

Therefore, if you have a book you would like printed in landscape format, or would just like to understand more about the option, simply contact us and one of our team will be very happy to discuss this with you. We are looking forward to continuing to publish more books in more innovative formats for writers!

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