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Self-Publishing - A New Generation for Independent Authors

New Generation Publishing is one of the UK's leading self-publishing houses, providing author services for both aspiring and established writers throughout the world. With the rapid growth of options available to writers looking to get published, New Generation provides the professional production, sales and marketing services a writer would expect to receive from a traditional publishing house.

As the first self-publishing house to offer a bookseller service, the first to guarantee shelf space in award winning bookstores, the first to offer the prize of a traditional publishing contract to three authors a year and the first to provide access to digital and e-lending sales, New Generation is the place for writers looking to get independently published. For added confidence read the reviews and testimonials received from authors we have worked with. If you are interested in our authors, we have author bios and articles from media publications that our authors have featured in.

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7 Different Self Publishing Packages

We offer seven levels of publishing packages that are designed to fit around the budgets and requirements of writers – Standard, Advanced, Premier, Bookseller, Bestseller, Bespoke and E-book. The packages are only designed as a guide and we can put together a bespoke package if required. In addition, we offer a range of book sales and marketing solutions for writers. These include: e-book conversion; Writers' Forum Co-op Advertising; Featured Books; Google/Amazon Book Search; Press Release Service; Broadcast Service and many more. Our editing services for authors range from proof reading through to a full critique and readers report.

Whatever your requirements are as an author, New Generation Publishing can help. Visit our bookstore to see the wide-range of books we have published and read testimonials from our authors.

Publishing a book with NGP offers you, the author a uniquely personal service. Our experienced team of publishing professionals is on hand to offer you advice on publishing, editing, e-books, sales, marketing and promotion. This advice is available for free before, during and most importantly after publication, become a fully independent writer and take advantage of what we have on offer

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Why Self-Publish with New Generation?

  • A full range of production services as required – from typesetting and cover design to full and partial editing.
  • Range of formats and sizes from black and white and colour, paperback and hardback, and print and e-book editions.
  • Worldwide distribution to 195 countries and a wide range of unique sales marketing services including press releases, media kits, Amazon SearchInside and retail and magazine advertisements.
  • Unique Bookselling service – a dedicated Bookseller to visit individual stores to sell your book.
  • Unique Bookstore Service – guaranteeing copies of your book on the shelves of award winning bookshops.
  • Unique offer of three traditional publishing contracts each year to selected authors.
  • UK based company that you are welcome to visit in person, with global distribution and print facilities.
  • Competitive retail pricing to ensure that sales and royalty payments are maximised.
  • A personal one to one service with an experienced publishing professional.


Identifying Your Genre

So, once you've got your pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) and your new self published masterpiece is ready to go to print, there are a number of checks you could run through to help identify how your book will be marketed. Perhaps you've written a great story about your experiences growing up or an technical piece that helps people learn how to use machinery. Choosing a genre isn't a definite label as many books transcend genres, but it's important to identify your audience from the start. It's like choosing the shelf that you book would appear on in a bookstore. It will help you target your readers more directly, influence your artwork, graphics and pictorial elements and more importantly it will help your book sell. Specialised genre categories frequently sell more books than generalised titles such as 'fiction'. Why? Because people know what they like reading and don't have the time or money to invest in a book on a whim. They want to know that it's subject matter relates to them instantly, that it 'ticks all their boxes', so finding out what self published books are doing well (on that shelf) would be a great insight into how you might market your own. To test your theories on where you book fits in, you could enslit the help from fans of a particular genre and see if it resonates with them. If not, it might mean you need to further refine your market or if you're certain of the category you want to sell to, it might mean making a few edits to cater to your readers before publishing.

Sub-genres can help and hinder your self publishing journey. On the one hand it's great to define yourself as a 'first contact' science fiction writer. Someone that romanticizes about the initial meetings between humans and aliens. It will help you market your book to a select audience and after a little research you can join forums, facebook groups, mailing lists etc to gain a better understanding of how you can reach out when you're ready to give your book the big sell. On the other hand, it can feel like you're limiting yourself to one niche. Fear not! We want to help you gain as many new fans as possible, especially if this is your first publication. Marketing is a HUGE part of self publishing that gets forgotten and much like building a website, you can't just put it out there and expect people to find it anymore. We'll work with you to identify where your book fits into the market and depending on the package you choose (and the effort you're willing to put in yourself) we'll help you achieve success. Talk to us about our marketing packages.

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FREE consultation from a leading UK independent book publisher house & FREE marketing support to help you sell more books

For further information, a free consultation or for details of how to submit your work, contact us through email or call 01234 711956.

We have a huge wealth of knowledge about the publishing industry, including an understanding of traditional publishing houses that has helped inspire our commitment to new authors.

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