From Health to Science Fiction, Self-Publishing is Ideal for All Genres

Posted by Josh on 3 April 2014 | Comments

If you’re a budding author, it’s important to write for the genre that you feel most comfortable with - whether you have had life experience with regards to the sector of your career, or have always been a lifelong reader of a particular genre, writers no longer have to fear that the genre they’re writing for may be small or niche.

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Self Published Author Case Studies from New Generation

Posted by Josh on 11 March 2014 | Comments

Our latest post is to introduce you to some of our recent self-published authors, with a broad range of backgrounds and specialisms; we wanted to demonstrate how no matter your education or background there is potentially a book inside of you, no matter your preferred genre or style of writing, self-publishing can be work for you.

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Self-Publishing for Teenage Writers & Young Adults

Posted by Josh on 11 February 2014 | Comments

Young Author

Getting a book published by a traditional publishing house as a young adult or teenager is an achievement, but this is very rare given the experience of a lot of authors and the potential risk to the publisher to take on someone young and quite often under experienced.

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Latest New Generation Publishing Author Receives Major Traditional Deal

Posted by Josh on 4 February 2014 | Comments

Anna CaltabianoNew Generation Publishing is delighted to announce that one of its authors, Anna Caltabiano (pictured right), has received a three-book deal for her trilogy will be published by major publishing house Gollancz. Caltabiano, aged just 17, had her first novel, All That is Red published by New Generation Publishing in 2012.

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Is Self-Publishing for Me?

Posted by Josh on 29 January 2014 | Comments

Although the self-publishing industry has a lot of benefits, we understand that it may not suit a lot of authors. Dependant on the type of author that you intend to be could impact what the best channel is for you.

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What Makes New Generation Publishing Different?

Posted by Josh on 20 January 2014 | Comments

Amongst the large the number of self-publishing companies on the market at the moment, it’s often hard to know who the best company is to go for when seeking advice for as a new author. Although it may be an often cliché statement that you may see from any company is that we care about our authors. A lot of competitors in our market are solely focused on making money without having a client centred approach to business, suggesting packages or services that may not be the best thing for the author. Being a UK based company we are always here for a visit, or at the end of telephone, unlike some companies that are based abroad or hidden being email addresses.

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Affordable Publishing Packages to Suit You

Posted by Josh on 10 January 2014 | Comments

If you’re considering self-publishing a title, it’s important to consider what kind of commitment that you want to dedicate toward your dream beforehand. We understand that working a typical day job and raising a family is a big factor for some authors. The weekend and a handful of stolen hours in the week is sometimes all that some people can afford. This isn’t a problem, but having full time availability can often speed up the process in some areas, and will only aid the marketing solutions that we can offer.

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Online Publishing for 2014

Posted by Josh on 1 January 2014 | Comments

Digital technologies and the digital infrastructure of the UK is continuing to grow, going into 2014 we’ll be seeing 4G coverage on mobile devices expand through several cities, and fibre optic broadband increase it’s net over the country. This is why it’s important to consider the impact that this could have on the publishing industry for the better. According to Nielsen Understanding the E-Book Consumer, fiction e-books in particular are likely to overtake paperback options in 2014.
Pew Research Center, published interesting results indicating 435 of Americans over 16 own a tablet or e-reader, with 24% (57.6 million) owning electronic reading devices. Although these results are American based, it can represent a similar pattern in the UK, it also shows the potential for advertising and marketing an e-book in the United States.

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The Importance of Getting Your Book Proofread

Posted by Josh on 23 December 2013 | Comments

When you’ve finally reached your milestone of finally completing the book and title you’ve been working on for years, you may think of getting your book self-published or approaching an independent publisher. Before you do that, it’s recommended that you get your manuscript or digital copy checked by a professional editor or proof reader.

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Writing a Book? Advice on Publishing Ideas

Posted by Josh on 17 December 2013 | Comments

New Generation Publishing have aided new authors get published for a number of years but we’ve found that a lot of people have hesitated in the past because of the idea that publishing a book seems a little too daunting. The rise of the self publishing industry was in part due to the difficulty of getting a book published with a traditional publisher, where publishing houses were likely to reject an author-not on their writing quality but more on the financial return the book was likely to receive.

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