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New Generation Publishing understands that some Authors require the services of professional Proofreaders and Editors, this is why we have both services available to all authors. 

Some authors are fortunate to have such services available to them through work colleagues or friends and family. For those who don't, the following services will give your manuscript the polished edge. 

Our literary professionals will perform the service you require from the options below and your manuscript will be sent back to you for final approval before typesetting and cover design begins. Allowing your title to be proof read is really worth the investment as often small grammatical errors can often give a book a less than sharp image. Our editing options cover a few more factors than our proofreading service.

Proofreading Prices

£2.00 per 500 words 

Your manuscript will be proof read by a literary professional. This means it will be read through and corrections made for spelling, punctuation and grammar, and any other typographical errors. 

You will receive back two versions – one with the changes marked so you can view them and one with the changes already included. If you have not used 'tracked changes' before, please let us know and we can explain before sending the corrected text to you to avoid any confusion. 

View our customer testimonials here for previous examples of our work with self-published authors.

Manuscript Editing Service

£3.00 per 500 words 

Your manuscript will be edited by a literary professional. This means there will be a structural edit of your manuscript. This may involve repetition, clarification, inconsistencies, redundant words or lines, sentence and paragraph structure, and other items involving the content of your manuscript. 

You will receive back two versions – one with the changes marked so you can view them and one with the changes already included. If you have not used 'tracked changes' before, please let us know and we can explain before sending the corrected text to you to avoid any confusion. 

Note for manuscript and book editing, that this is taking a more overall look at your work. On its return, you have the option of then proofreading the amended file yourself, or alternatively you can additionally book a proofread service, details above.

If you have any questions regarding proofreading, editing, book publishingbook marketing, then please do not hesitate to call 01234 711956 or click here to complete the form and we will contact you.


What is Proofreading?


Proofreading comes from the process of creating a 'proof'. A proof is created once written material has been copy-edited and sent to a designer or typesetter. The work is then display or printed which is 'proof' that it is ready for publication. In essence, it's a tidy up of your work. Typical checks will include consistency, grammer, presentation, accuracy in layout. This is different from editing, in that the work itself is not scrutinised for flow or content, only the way the content is presented. This includes spellchecking for mistakes, grammar, typographical errors and punctuation. The concept of proof-reading is a 'last chance' to correct mistakes before any work is published. A global overview of the whole book, from words to footnotes, imagery, graphs, charts, tables, must be done in order to prevent embarrassing mistakes being sent to print. An article from author Roy Sheppard wrote for us recently about a book he had published that contained thousands of mistakes. Unfortunately for him, he'd printed 5,000 copies before he noticed, which was his most costly mistake.

A professional proofreader will compare proofs to the edited copy or simply read 'blind', meaning they read the whole works without having any prior knowledge or reference to work from. They will check page numbers and headings are correct and ensure the table of contents matches the chapters, making note of any styling to ensure consistency throughout. An important element of proof-reading is the marking of changes which allows you to see where edits have been made and where further edits may be necessary. They will insert cross-references where appropriate and eliminate any sections which may be confusing. It's often a slow and long process, but one that's essential if you are to consider your work complete. Every chapter has a message, and it's our proofreader's job to ensure that message is correctly communicated.

What is Copy Editing?


Our Manuscript Editing Service is a more in-depth look at your written work's structure, flow, language and consistency. More commonly referred to as copy editing (or copy-editing), the process involves mechanical editing of a text or manuscript to ensure it follows a consistent style, is easy to read, error-free and fit for purpose. A copy editor will also look for mistakes, grammar, punctuation, ambiguities and legal issues that may require reference or copyright approval. It is the copy-editor's job to make sure your work is complete and follows a standard structure. This includes everything from the list of contents to illustrations, captions, referencing and footnotes, which will be highlighted using a copy-editing program or in our case the 'tracked changes' facility within Microsoft Word, a word processing program. Copy-editing your work allows you to take a step back from your words and allow a professional critique to suggest improvements to the book as a whole. You may have overused a particular phrase or there may be a plot hole or unexplained character trait that deserves more explanation, or it may be that you have used third person instead of first person randomly.

They will scrutinise your wording - is the language, tone, style and vocabulary consistent? Are there any contradictions? The copy writer will markup your work where they feel you have strayed or contradicted yourself. This ensures your book is readable for the audience intended and that it follows best practice. In eseense, the copy-editor has much more involvement than a proofreader, helping you to edit, amend and reference your work. A proofreader has the final job of checking the copy-editor's work before going to print.

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