Getting your Self-Published Book onto Bookshelves

There are typically electronic versions and hardcopy versions of a book that can be advertised, many authors use both mediums, whereas for some titles having an ebook or paperback version can give have different volume of sales. 

We offer a few options below to help get your new indie book onto traditional bookshelves in bookshops throughout the UK and varying independent bookshops in towns throughout parts of Britain. If you liked there thought of seeing your own paperback or hardback cover on the shelve, preferring a more traditional approach to selling books, then this the solutions below may be of some interest to you. 

The Bookstore Service – a good option to see how well your book performs in a select group of independent bookstores, this is an excellent way to get your title on display for book lovers and readers. Offering an affordable method and research to see how well these perform.

Bookseller Service – NGP is one of the first publishing companies to offer this service to self-published authors, working alongside independent and large brand bookshops in the UK to help with additional stocking of books on shelves.

Book Returns - Although it can be disappointing not to sell a copy of a book, when it comes down to business and numbers this is a consideration for any bookshop that may be considering your book. Having a return policy for your books can often help give you a leg up and is often a desirable aspect for these shops if your book unfortunately doesn’t sell.

Distribution Channels – We can help with the distribution of paperback and hardback versions of a book across the world throughout over 60,000 shops in 195 countries.

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