Self Publishing is the quickest and most direct route to take your book to a worldwide market.

With the majority of traditional publishers not willing to take the risk with new authors, self-publishing has become the alternative.

Traditional publishers are looking for a guaranteed return when they publish a book, which is why the market is flooded with existing well-known authors and celebrities.

To look at it from their point-of-view, who can understand their strategy – they are a business who needs to make money. However, the situation leaves very little opportunity for a new author to find a literary agent or a traditional publisher.

Self-publishing has now become a viable and sophisticated alternative offering editing, typesetting, cover design,distribution, print and e-Booksmarketing and, most importantly, help and advice.

All that is required for you, the author, is to be writing or have written a book and a good self-publishing company will take care of the rest.

When looking for a self-publishing company to publish your book, ensure they can offer you the following: 

• Personal support

• Global distribution

• Competitive retail pricing

• Tangible marketing services

• UK office

• The ability to meet the publisher (if required)

• Experience 

Always ask if you can meet, always ask what your published book will retail for, always ask for an example of the distribution and availability of their books.

Many companies claim to offer this – however, many do not actually provide it. 

If you would like to discuss publishing a book, the industry, marketing and promotion, please call 01234 711956, or click here and complete the contact is form. 

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