GREAT JOB Thank you very much Liam and Kate for all the help and answereing all my questions you have saved me ££££££££££££££ So pleased with the book and how it looks will use you again. GREAT COMPANY. Thanks again

Paul Rose , author of My Story Through Testimonies.

Hello Daniel

Hello Daniel Just to let you know that I feel as if I have just had a new baby and it is such a wonderful feeling holding my first published book in my hands. From day one I have been holding my breath as having been very expensively let down before I didn't dare believe that it would happen so thank you for helping me realise a dream. Regards Frances

Frances Lewis , author of Threads of Gold

I was worried

I was worried, there where hundreds of publishing houses. I was green, it was my first book. Liam from New Generation Publishing contacted me and after a few minutes reassured me and I signed the contract. The professional care and contact began there, I was then on a roller coaster ride of which I was walked through every step I was about to take, it was very informative and I was even given a secretary called Kate, the book in actual fact was professionally formatted for me, something I was very impressed with. I was told of times and deadlines they would adhere to and they did. They did everything they said they where going to do. Within the parameters and deadlines they had given me. My correspondence and questions to them where answered immediately and certainly within the next working day and I was not left hanging at any point. Then, out of the blue and actually before I expected, I received a copy of my book that I was very impressed with. It didn't end there, there was then an after service and conversations surrounding what they could do next and I was asked what I wanted to do. Yes, I was and am very impressed with New Generation Publishing, together with the professional service offered and received. Thanks to them I am now a fully fledged author currently writing a sequel to my first book, it feels good! I fully intend to use them again. They made it look easy!

Alan Sloan , author of A King's C/V

Like with MB1

'Like with MB1, am so thrilled with the physicality of the book for MB2 / Megan Button and the Dragon Keeper. MB2 looks just I wanted and hoped; the binding, the cover, the blurb on the back, the text size of the story, the glossy ink and the high quality paper stock are all stunning.'

Matthew Boulton , author of Megan Button and the Dragon Keeper

I would like to put on record my delight

I would like to put on record my delight at the first rate job New Generation Publishing did on my book Skulky Duane. The service was first class from start to finish and the quality at the end was as good as you'd find anywhere.

Guy Shackle , author of Skulky Duane, Voodoo Maud, Horry Goes to France, Godrey's Grit & The Babushka Bride

Everyone was very positive about the evening

I just wanted to say that our group (we met for the first time since your talk last week) wanted to say how much they enjoyed your talk and the way you explained the subject. Everyone was very positive about the evening. Many thanks for coming all the way to see us

Julie Dore Chairman Royston Writers Circle

I was very reluctant

I was very reluctant to go down the route of self-publication. I had sent my novel to a numerous publishers and received the usual replies. In truth, I don't believe they actually read the manuscript. My confidence in my ability was low and then Dan Cooke from NGP persuaded me to get the novel out there for people to decide for themselves. He promised to have the novel published by certain date and this happened. The cover design is excellent and the finished product very professionally presented. Since publication I have received excellent support from the NG team. If authors are willing to make a modest investment in their work, the rewards are fantastic. I will be finished my second novel next year and will probably ask NGP to critique it and then publish it such is my confidence with the service. My current novel is doing well.

John Kelly , author of Killing Pit

I'd just like to thank you

Hi Daniel, I'd just like to thank you because the Kidz That Dream Big!... Order arrived today woohoo in good time for their event Thursday. Much appreciated

Sabrin Ben Salmi , author of Kidz That Dream Big!

Hello Daniel, Kate and Joe,

Hello Daniel, Kate and Joe, The copies of the novel have just arrived. I am delighted with them. Thank you for the care you took in the novel's preparation for printing. My colleagues at the conference will be very impressed! Regards, Frank

Frank Grace , author of The Making of a Good Man

I would certainly recommend New Generation Publishing

I would certainly recommend New Generation Publishing to any new writer searching for a way to get into print. Daniel is very knowledgeable about the publishing business, and is also very friendly and approachable, taking a great deal of personal interest, and always willing to answer queries in detail. I am also very pleased with the production of my book; both the text and the cover have been produced to a very high standard. I am very glad that I came across New Generation Publishing and look forward to continuing to work with them.

Sarah Hunter-Carson , author of All Her Bones Were Silver

I am really happy with the look of the book

Hi Daniel, I hope that you are well. I just wanted to let you know that I have received my complimentary paperback copy today. I am really happy with the look of the book. Thank you to you and the rest of the production team for all your hard work and help.

Farai Moyo , author of The Elementals

I am impressed

Daniel Hope you are well. Have purchased some copies of my book and have to say I am impressed. It looks and feels good and I would like to thank all those who contributed.

George Deeming , author of Onward Silent Apostle: The Falklands 1982 - a hidden conflict.

Thank you

Thank you I think the service you guys have provided has been great and you have listened in every possible way my comments in making a dream come true. I am not sure how many will but or read the book but I can be proud. New generation deserves the credit for this. Thank You again Umesh

Umesh Moudgil , author of Deliverance

New Generation Publishing exceeded my expectations

Having seen a hard copy of my book this morning, I can honestly say that New Generation Publishing exceeded my expectations. This is my fourth publication and this has been, by far, the fastest and most efficient process that I have personally been involved in. From my first conversation with Daniel I, felt very comfortable, and after receiving my personal copy of the book, I knew I had made the right decision. NGP talked the talk, but more importantly, they delivered.

Dr Tony Talburt , author of The History on the Page: Adventures in Black British History

very amicable and good

re my experience with New Generation - to date very amicable and good, not pushy and very understanding and reasonable

Mark Jones , author of A Coppers Lot

I would most heartily recommend this publishing house

Should you be a novice novelist scanning my testimonial, then I would most heartily recommend this publishing house. The dialogues with the personnel are rather speedy, exceedingly friendly and always professional. When the initial copy arrived I was taken aback with how the novel looked astoundingly stunning! So thrilled with how my book's presented; must say, every component of its publication is just right: the text of the story, font size, cover art, format dimensions, retail price point and its blurb on the back cover... is exactly how I imagined and wanted it be. Also, the paper quality, binding and ink is just incredibly superb. The paper stock is high-end and feels silky, and the ink has a glossy-sheen that is most pleasing for tactile purposes.

M.T.Boulton , author of Megan Button and the Brim-Tree

New Generation Publishers have been fantastic

'New Generation Publishers have been fantastic. The staff involved me in every step of my book, and based everything around my own ideas and wishes. I have no hesitation in recommending them to all authors.' Hello Daniel, I have received the amended cover for the book and I think it looks amazing. Please pass my thanks on to your design team for creating it, and thank you for your help with everything. Thank you again, for all the work you've put in to my book. Regards, Alan

Alan Keen , author of Tales from Averon

I greatly appreciate it

Dear Joe, the book came in the post this morning and I must compliment you for the quality and lay out of it. I did wonder how the overall final appearance would be, having stared at ugly PDF's for so long. The poem at the end of the story was also a concern as I didn't want it hidden on the reverse side of the last page and it is not. Thank you again for all your time and patience with me I greatly appreciate it.

Danny Kemp , author of The Desolate Garden

hard work and good communication whilst publishing

I would like to thank Daniel & Joe from New Generation Publishing for the hard work and good communication whilst publishing my book 'Scared of the Dark',

Sean Felton , author of Scared of the Dark

just had my third book published by New Generation Publishing

My Name is Tina Place, I have just had my third book published by New Generation Publishing and would like to share my experience with you. I found when publishing my first and second book it was a very frightening and sometimes confusing process with lots of different forms to complete. Then there were the costs involved. I found myself having to save hard to meet these expensive costs and it did not stop there, it was more money for marketing etc. I am a person who worries sometimes for no reason and so when I spoke to Daniel Cooke for my third book, I immediately was put at ease. I had met Daniel when I first enquired about publishing book one. This time however although a different publishing company it was nice to hear a friendly voice. Daniel had talked me through my first book and was always at the end of the phone. He is the reason I chose my first publishing company and was thrilled to hear his voice with this new company. I was in no doubt that this was the company I wanted to look after me when publishing my third book. I was surprised that the cost of publishing my book was far less than the previous company had charged and met with my budget. This book was a very delicate story and I needed everything to be right, including the timing. Daniel was very helpful once again and took the time to talk me through what I needed to do and when. He was in constant contact with me reassuring me every step of the way. I received my book three weeks ahead of schedule but realised I had made a boob up with not only the size of the book but with errors too. I was both horrified and upset, but after speaking with Daniel on the telephone and explaining my upset, he agreed at no extra cost to me to put it right and true to his word he did and in time for the correct version to reach me for the day I needed to have a copy in my hand. Thanks to Daniel and the team at New Generation Publishing, my expectations were met and exceeded. I will have no hesitation in contacting them again when I have finished my next novel for publication.

Tina Place , author of Hidden Angel

such a wonderful job on my book

Hello Daniel! Hello Joe! Thank you both for such a wonderful job on my book. I am so excited. I am so thrilled. Thank you so very much indeed. Both, have a good day. Kenny.

Kenny Austin , author of A Voice of the Heart

Thanks again

Hi Daniel All of the books were waiting for me on my return. A big thank you for pushing these through for me, much appreciated. I have everything now ready for the NEC at the weekend, if you are passing it would be good to say hello. If not I will let you know how I get on. Thanks again. Samsun

Samsun Lobe , author of Dying Star Book Two: Exodus

best practitioner in its field

'Because the mainstream publishing world and bookselling trade is undergoing its 'celebrity oriented' and cost-cutting turmoil, which for some time has been precluding the consideration, publication or marketing of genuine 'new literary talent', innovative alternative publishing routes for talented newcomers are springing up everywhere. The greatest development in this new genre is the free Print On Demand system, and without doubt the best practitioner in its field is New Generation Publishing. I find them to be kind, considerate and courteous, professionally competent, communicative and quick. I cannot recommend their service highly enough.'

Mike George , author of All Wind And Pips

New Generation Publishing offer an impressive service

'New Generation Publishing offer an impressive service to new and established writers alike, where the work is treated with constant respect, and the printing process by Lightning Source is highly professional. A colleague who worked as a copy editor in a publishing house commented on how impressively the finished product is presented, using top quality papers and faultless binding. (And it takes a great deal to impress her!) Both Lucy and Joe [from NGP] are totally professional and are an absolute pleasure to work with.'

D.W. Mace , author of The Eternal Watchtower series

Overall I am very well pleased

Following the self publishing of my first children's book 'THISTLEDOWN FARM: Farmer John's Boots and other stories' on a more expensive package with another publisher in which I had signed away a certain percentage of the rights for each story. I decided to look elswhere for a cheaper deal for my second book 'More tales from THISTLEDOWN FARM'. My agent suggested New Generation Publishing as they would be likely to set a reasonable cover price. I found NGP pleasant to deal with and patient and understanding. I had to make three or four minor alterations to the manuscript, post editing, which they carried out well and were very helpful at putting the manuscript together with the illustrations.I had a deadline for the Christmas shopping fayre at Westpoint for which I had orderd 200 books. These came right on time for the fayre after I had seen a review copy. I have a cover price the same as my previous book and a contract with no rights deal and expect to see my book on amazon shortly and available through Bertrams and Gardners. Overall I am very well pleased. 'More tales from THISTLEDOWN FARM: Farmer John's Bloomers' sold well at the fayre along with my original book and the cover is fantastic and it looks a super little book great for a Christmas gift for your primary aged child! Four star plus. Well worth looking into.

David Charles Evans , author of Farmer John

No hesitation, go with New Generation!

After hundreds of rejections from both agents and publishers I was delighted to find New Generation Publishing. Their fresh self-publishing principle and ethical philosophy had immediate appeal; investigation revealed a helpful, user friendly approach to publishing; above all they seemed to have a clear understanding of the needs of budding writers. Working with the help of my husband Dave, (Together we are ‘A Pair of Shorts’), I have now had two books published by New Generation and a third is ready to go. With the first book we were very much feeling our way and had to do a lot of work to supply manuscript and cover proofs to the standard required. Happily, New Generation has smoothed a few wrinkles from their process and added some additional services aspects to their packages, so processing the second book through to receipt of a printed copy was an altogether simpler task. The book is now available worldwide. We have twice used New Generation’s very affordable standard package, preferring for a sense of personal satisfaction and achievement to do a lot of up front work ourselves, but for those who do not have the time, skills or urge to learn, the more sophisticated packages offer all of the help and facilities that are needed, but of course, you must expect to pay for what you want to get. Whichever package you choose, there is plenty of free advice by e.mail from Joe to assist with supplying correctly configured copy, and Kate, helping with ordering and accounting advice. By far the most important though, because it fills a black hole which other publishers do not do, is the recent introduction of Marketing Director Daniel Cooke. First off, you can talk to Daniel. Director he may be: Remote he is not! Secondly, he is forthright in pointing out that only you can actually get your book to the market. That is not a cop-out – he tells you how to set about doing it and to the extent that you want, he involves himself, indirectly, in the process. With Daniel’s help we have sold more copies of the second book in two weeks since its publication than we have of the first book in the entire eighteen months it has been on the market. And all because we consulted Daniel and acted on his advice! Not content with this, Daniel is an innovator: He has introduced writers’ workshops - I have recently attended one and it was brilliant; he is introducing a writers’ website; has opened-up communication with the company; and, I am not sure if this is actually part of his role but it is a real asset, he trouble-shoots the New Generation process on our behalf. No hesitation, go with New Generation!

Sylvie Short , author of The Bubble & Home to Roost

delighted with the service provided

Over the last 6 years, our organisation, New Writers UK, have been looking for reliable self-publishing companies that we can honestly tell our members are worth using; our rule is never to promote, advertise or otherwise endorse a company we have no experience with. Nor, for obvious reasons, would we promote companies or services we have used that do not give good value. I had heard good things of New Generation Publishing and called their Managing Director to discuss the publication of a compilation of winning entries from our Creative Writing Competition for Children and Young People 2011. As a not-for-profit organisation with limited funds, I was looking for excellent customer service, a competitive price for a very good publication and a fairly fast turnaround. That is exactly what I got from New Generation Publishing. The New Writers UK Steering Group is delighted with the service provided and we will be using New Generation again.

Julie Malone, Founder and President New Writers UK

I was very nervous

I was very nervous about self-publishing after reading so many links warning you away from it. I have to say from first chatting to Liam who was very helpful and reassuring i felt less nervous and started to believe my children’s book would soon be published. After working with Daniel who was very helpful, he always answered the phone and returned calls very promptly i was impressed with his care in providing what i wanted from the book being published. The staff i spoke with at New Generation were never pushy, quite the opposite, they listened and came up with the answers and support, and within 1 week of receiving my books (thanks Daniel for getting them promptly printed) i had sold 120 copies (hopefully this will continue) I couldn’t believe how great it felt to hold my book and it was of great quality. I would and have recommended New Generation Publishers to those who are considering having their work published. I also appreciate that after the book has arrived Daniel continues to offer advice and i feel comfortable in contacting him about the future with my book.

Paula Williams , author of Tom's Wish

I would like to reiterate my thanks for your willing help and cooperation over the past weeks in the hectic final preparations prior to the publication of SPINDRIFT. We received the first PB and HB copies last week and are pleased with the final product. We had to work to a tight time-frame to fit in with my son's visit to the UK - he arrived a few days ago. I have really appreciated your pleasant and constructive assistance in attending to details of the manuscript, and liaising with the cover designer and printer in order to get details correct. It required some persistence to get details rectified, but it was important to get things right, as I know you agree (eg the layout, size and font of the print on the cover which has definitely enhanced the image). Your cooperation has been greatly appreciated.


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