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The value of book publishing companies

Self-publishing is a brilliant way to get your hard work in front of as wide an audience as possible, but doing it alone is treacherous.

Without the support of a knowledgeable team, you’ll quickly find that you fall into a maze that’s tough to navigate. An experienced pair of hands, like those available within the team at New Generation Publishing, will ensure someone else navigates that maze for you and gives your novel the best chance of success.

The benefits of using book publishing companies

If you’re new to self-publishing and haven’t used the services of a book publishing company before, you might be wondering why you’d need to.

There are four key benefits to enjoy when enlisting the service of a booking publishing company for your next novel:

1. You’ll have better creative control

As a book publishing company for self-published authors, New Generation Publishing strongly believes that the writer should retain creative control.

Publish through a larger house and you’ll have to work with editors, designers and marketers, all of whom will want a slice of the creative pie.

2. You’ll go to market quicker

Large publishing companies move slowly, and there’s the ever-present threat of your book being dropped somewhere along the journey from your laptop to the shelf.

New Generation Publishing will help get your book to market as quickly as possible by reducing the amount of red tape and using our brilliant network to get your book on the shelves - digital or otherwise - super-fast.

3. The royalties will be better

If you decide to go down the self-publishing route with the assistance of a book publishing company, you’ll enjoy a much better return for your hard work.

Royalties received by self-published authors from outlets such as Amazon can be very satisfying indeed when compared with what you’re likely to receive if you get a large publishing house involved.

4. The shelf life will be longer

We’re big fans of digital publishing - partly because we know that our self-published authors will enjoy a much longer shelf life on such platforms.

Digital shelves don’t get cleared out and replenished as often as their bricks-and-mortar counterparts, which is why, with our help, your book will enjoy maximum exposure for as long as possible, opening it up to a potentially huge audience.

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