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Choose the Self-Publishing Package that Works For You

New Generation Publishing offers a range of self-publishing packages with fully transparent pricing designed to meet independent authors' needs, requirements and budgets. We offer the Standard PackageAdvanced PackagePremier Package, Bookseller Package and Bestseller Package, as well as the Bespoke Package, which is tailored to each author's specific needs and budget. Each publishing package contains four common elements – publication, typographical layout, global distribution and personal support – followed by a range of editorial, sales and marketing services.

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In order to guarantee satisfaction for the author, we will send electronic proofs enabling them to see how the book will look once published. If at this stage, the author wishes to make changes, they can. Until we receive written confirmation from the author, that they are completely satisfied by the typographical layout and the cover design, we will not proceed with the publication. The author will also receive the first printed copy of the book for approval before it is made available via New Generation Publishing's global distribution channels.

When an author publishes a book with New Generation, we want to ensure that the author has as much control as possible over all elements of the book publication process. We also understand that each author has different levels of understanding when it comes to publishing a book. This is why we have experienced staff on hand to answer any questions throughout the entire process. With a history of experience from traditional publishing companies and houses, this has helped us create packages that rival these publishing companies due to the difficulty and barriers to entry getting a big publishing deal, we've brought together key points that have worked for traditional publishing and and moulded them to our self-publishing packages.

There are many types of author out there, and we understand that each one of you has different requirements, aspirations and budget when deciding to get your story or advice out into the wilderness. We've spent time streamlining the multitude of services we offer from initial proof reading, graphic design and press releases, right through to marketing, promotion and helping you secure sales. A hobby writer who wants an opportunity to release a book for friends and family on their life story may require a lot less than someone who writes for a living and wants to really shout about their work. We've outlined the essential services you'll need based on your budget in our packages below, alternatively you can jump to the most suitable price bracket for your project or new bestseller.


  • You will receive a one to one personal service and excellent support throughout.
  • We are the only self publishing company to offer a bookseller service to its authors.
  • You will benefit from free marketing assistance after your publication.
  • We offer a true returns service on book orders.
  • New Generation Publishing is the only company of its type to offer its authors a critique service.
  • We provide an e-Book lending service throughout UK libraries.
  • Professional trade editing services are available.
  • You can have your work available in e-book format thanks to our e-book publishing service.
  • We are UK based.
  • Our service guarantees publication and global distribution.
  • All titles are priced competitively in the market.


You can view the different self publishing packages below and if you would like to find out more about New Generation Publishing, please contact us on 01234 711956 or email us.

Our Publishing Packages


Standard Publishing Package


Quite possibly the best value self publishing package you will find for getting your work out into the mainstream.


Bespoke Publishing Package


A tailor-made solution that fits your budget and marketplace. Our team are friendly, experienced and won't give you any pushy sales talk.


Advanced Publishing Package


The New Generation Advanced Self Publishing Package offers everything the Standard Package contains as well as some marketing, promotion and bespoke design.


Premier self publishing package


The New Generation Premier Self Publishing Package offers everything the Advanced Package contains as well increasing the emphasis on marketing and promotion, the additional formats, marketing support and Marketing Kit will give you a great platform to start your marketing and promotion campaign. 


Bookseller self publishing


The New Generation Bookseller Self Publishing Package offers everything the Premium Package contains as well as combining our premium marketing and promotional services. Our unique Bookseller Service means that your book will actually be in the hands of an experienced independent bookseller, a first in the self-publishing industry. New Generation Publishing are the first company to offer this unique service to self published authors.


Bestseller Publishing Package


We are often asked by authors to put together bespoke packages based on their needs and requirements and it has become clear that for those who really want the best, we'll help you tailor a package that suits your requirements. If you'd rather take the hassle out of customising your publishing package, our Bestseller deal covers all bases and gives you peace of mind that every aspect of your book launch is taken care of.


Self-publishing options

The best news about self-publishing is that it can be tailored entirely to your requirements as an author and the audience you want to reach. And that’s only fair, because you should be the one who’s in control of your hard work’s destiny.

At New Generation Publishing, we offer a range of self-publishing options. From our popular standard package to more advanced options such as the Premier and Bestseller packages, there’s a self-publishing option for you.

No matter which package you choose, you’ll remain completely in control of your publication and content while gaining free support from our team of highly-experienced publishing wizards. We’ll be with you all the way.

Self-publishing marketing services

Every successfully self-published book has benefitted from a concerted marketing effort, and you’ll be glad to hear we can offer a range of marketing services at New Generation Publishing.

From online marketing to media, retail and editorial services, our team will ensure your book receives the publicity it deserves. The digital revolution has made this achievable on a much smaller budget, but you’ll need our expertise and time to ensure your book reaches the widest possible audience.

For those who want a uniquely tailored approach to book marketing, we can even offer a bespoke service to give you an entirely unique promotional campaign that’s fully supported by our team.

Self-publishing editorial services

Writing is as challenging as it is rewarding, which is why, as an independent self-published author, you’ll need plenty of support.

We’ve all been there; proofreading your own work or critiquing pages without external help is tough. What’s more, you’re unlikely to spot errors and inconsistencies that a second pair of eyes will see.

This is what makes our editorial services so popular. We’ve helped hundreds of authors self-publish their hard work with our proofreading and editing services. We can even supply a readers report and critique service, if required.

You’ll still remain in full creative control - we’ll just provide a much-needed second pair of eyes on your hard work. Like you, we want your manuscript to be the best it can be, and will use our significant experience to help you polish a final edit before it hits the shelves (digital or otherwise).

Self-publishing advice

Whether you’re a first time self-published author or have many years of experience under your belt, there’s nothing quite like the advice provided by our team.

You may simply want advice on how to get a book self-published, or which marketing tactics you should employ to get it noticed. Our team has many years’ experience helping authors of all experience levels get their work published and placed in front of just the right audience.

What’s more, if you want some advice on how to write a book, we can help. There’s nothing more soul destroying than staring at a blank page, but we have the knowledge and experience required to get you going and ensure you remain sufficiently inspired to continue until you have a brilliant manuscript that’s ready for publication.

Book publishing options

As one of the biggest self-publishing companies in the UK we offer a large range of different Book Publishing Packages, from simple e-books to full worldwide distribution of paperbacks or hardbacks. Whatever type of book you are looking to Self Publish we can help.

We have created an easy to use book publishing comparison to help you find the right book publishing package for your needs.   

To find out more click on this Book Publishing Comparison link.

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