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How to get a Book Self-Published

There are many methods that have been introduced that make it easy for people considering getting a book self-published for individuals that feel they may have a book or two inside of them. If you are at the beginning of your self-pulbishing journey, or seriously considering on writing a novel, it may take some time to get your book written. If on the other hand you have had a book slowly developing in your study drawer over the past few years and you're thinking about blowing the dust off and getting it printed realsitically your dream can become reality in a relatively short space of time.

One of the great aspects about the self-publishing revolution is the ease and low barriers to entry that the industry can offer over traditional methods of publishing or going to a publishing house. Although a lot of our authors strive for a traditional publishing deal, the chances are for the average beginner writer they will not give you a second thought. Getting a title self-published can give you the experience you need whilst making yourself look more substantial and profitable for large publishing companies if this is something you would like to consider in the future.

How to Write a Book

Writing a book can be a lengthy process for some, whilst some authors spend every spare moment at the computer getting a book finished. Once you've written your book and have a manuscript ready, it's important to get your book proofread by a number of individuals including a professional copywriter or family and friends, this helps in ironing out any parts in the book that people may find unimportant to the arc of the story, as well as giving you a third party insight into what really works well in a book, additional spelling, punctuation and grammer can also be addressed that is a small but very crucial component when trying to win love for your title.

One your book is ready to print, depending on how you want the book published, the book can be formatted for e-books or for hardback or paper copies of the book ready for print. A third party advice company such as New Generation Publishing can help with the initial set-up of getting ISBN number, as well as offering tips into how to market your book. 

For additional information and to answer any othewr questions that you may have about aself publishing adventure such as, who usually self publishesHow long it may take you to see your dream come into reality? And why you should consider publishing?

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