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Are you a UK writer?

Are you a UK-based writer who’s harbouring a desire to get their work published? Perhaps you’ve spent time trying to get published with the big publishing houses but have constantly found yourself knocking on locked doors?

Don’t despair. Self-publishing is your knight in shining armour and, just like thousands of New Generation Publishing writers, there’s an audience out there waiting to discover your work.

We’ll help you discover that audience.

Why self-publish?

Self-publishing in the UK is booming, and for very good reason. It offers writers of all styles and experience levels the chance to get their work out there, cost-effectively, and in front of the perfect audience.

It’s why so many authors have turned to self-publishing in the UK over the years. At New Generation Publishing, we’re constantly welcoming new writers into the fold and love helping them find their audience.

If you have a manuscript written or even just a post-it note of an idea, self-publishing is the route you should take if you want to avoid spending big on an ultimately doomed publishing deal with a big publishing house.

Find your international stage

Sure, you might be based in the UK, but why shouldn’t the rest of the world get to read your best work? This is why New Generation Publishing is the leading self-publishing service that dedicates itself to helping writers sell more novels.

We want to get your work out there and in front of as wide an audience as possible, and thanks to modern distribution methods and digital book stores, we can do just that.

Our industry links and experience enables us to help self-published writers sell internationally. We’ll help with everything from proofreading to editing, cover design and distribution. If you’re ready to find an International audience, you’ve come to the right place.

Packages to suit every requirement

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that there are no two writers who are the same. Every author has different aspirations, ideas and potential readership.

This is why we’ve built a number of packages to suit every requirement. For budgets big and small, our services will help you get your book published and distributed as effectively as possible.

Our publishing packages (Standard, Advanced, Premier, Bookseller, Bestseller, Bespoke and Literary Agent) have been refined over the course of many years and thanks to lots of author feedback. Dive into our website and find the perfect package for you.

Why self-publish with New Generation Publishing?

It’s a fair question. After all, we’re aware that you have lots of other options in the UK when it comes to publishing your book.

Our experience counts for an awful lot, but so does the sheer range of services we offer. From typesetting to full and partial editing and beyond, we’ll be with you every single step of the way.

We have successfully published a wide range of books to 39,000 digital retailers across the globe. In fact, we’ve achieved world-wide distribution across 195 countries.

Like you, we’re UK-based, and we’re certainly not a faceless team. If you need help from New Generation Publishing, it comes in the form of one of our brilliant team members who love books and writing just as much as you.

The best quality self-publishing

We’ve long prided ourselves on having extremely high production values. It’s what keeps self-published authors constantly coming back for more.

We want to help you produce, distribute and sell your absolute best work. And that extends to every sentence, design element and placement. The New Generation Publishing team works very closely with all of our authors to ensure that’s the case each and every time.

Our designers will ensure your work is professionally typeset to ensure the best presentation of the book across every single format.

If you want your work to look its shining best, you need look no further than New Generation Publishing.

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Calling all UK writers! You may not have considered the self-publishing route for your new book. You may even have been put off the option by other people or convinced yourself that it simply isn't worth it.

We’d love to prove that it’s absolutely the best choice for your next novel and one that will set you on the path to success.

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