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3 Key Steps When Self-Publishing Your Own Book

18 December 2012

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Choosing the self-publishing route is becoming popular with many budding authors of today and while it’s a quicker and more affordable option of getting your book to market, it also requires a high level of work and dedication. Below are 3 of the key steps you’ll need to take when publishing your book:


Write a Brilliant Book

Writing a great book with interesting content from start to finish is the most important part of the self-publishing process. While your front cover may jump out and your marketing plan is fantastic, what matters most is if people buy your book, read it and love it. Define your audience and get into their minds so you know what makes them tick. Create a detailed outline of the books content and organise your time wisely. If you’re looking to make a career out of writing this book you are going to need to treat it like a full time job and put a lot of time and effort into it.


Have Your Book Professionally Edited and Designed

When you have finished your book, it’s time to contact a self-publishing company. As well as helping you to publish your work, they can offer you a number of services including editing and design. The last thing you want is for your book to be full of errors and neither does your reader so editing your manuscript really is one of the most important stages. Unfortunately people do still judge books by their covers so it is important to give your book an attractive yet professional design. You should also think about how accessible your book will be. In today’s digital age, it is important to make your book available in as many formats as possible including as an eBook.


Develop a Marketing Strategy

Start building your marketing platform as soon as you begin writing your book. Once your book has been published and is available through major retailers like Amazon, you may assume that the hard work is done but the truth is, it’s just getting started. You need to spread the word and make sure people search for your book, and find it! Building profiles on social media sites such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a great place to start as well as creating a website, posting on a blog, carrying out email marketing, attending events and networking. 

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