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Another successful Self-Publishing Summit from New Generation Publishing

13 November 2013

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Last weekend saw the arrival of the long anticipated Self-Publishing summit held by New Generation Publishing at King’s College London. After the success of last year’s event expectations were high and we are pleased to say that the summit did not disappoint.

Covering a wide range of topics within the self-publishing world the event was both educational and informative.
New Generation aim to not only get authors published, but help them along the way, offering tips guidance and advice from matters such as self-promotion and marketing to proof reading and editing. The Self-Publishing summit allowed us to discuss such topics as wells as listen to authors and their opinions on the industry, as well as any questions that they had.

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Dan Holloway, one of the panellists, expressed his pleasure having spent the day at the summit getting an opportunity to speak and also listen to some of the advice available from other panellists.

Click here to read what Dan Holloway had to say about the summit.

The event not only offered advice but gave authors and the writing community to come together to discuss their views, insights and opinions on the industry.

With the summit being successful for a second consecutive year, New Generation Publishing is happy to announce that they will also be holding another summit next year to carry on its success and once again bring the self-publishing community together.

If you did not get the opportunity to come to the summit, New Generation Publishing are always happy to receive any questions and offer advice to authors. Call 01234 711956.

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