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Are you looking to self-publish your children’s book?

3 May 2018

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As the UK’s fastest growing self-publishing service with over 5,500 books published, at New Generation Publishing we have a good vantage point to see book trends emerging. And one of the main trends we have seen over the last year is the huge growth of authors self-publishing their children’s books.

This is supported by statistics from the UK’s Publishers Association from 2017 that show sales of children’s books grew by 16%. And it is not only sales within the UK but internationally too, with export sales of children’s books having increased by a huge 34% for the year.

Receiving daily enquiries from authors looking to publish their books for children and taking pride in providing the best quality product as well as global distribution for our customers, we have worked with the production team to further improve our services.

As a result, we are working with designers who will professionally typeset the books in InDesign to ensure the best presentation of the work. Furthermore, our printer has invested in new machines that will now print in landscape, increasing the format options for all of our authors.

We also have an illustrator who can bring your characters to life if you need some artistic help. Unlike most professional illustrators we can provide you with copyright and royalty free pictures.

NGP offers a range of Publishing Packages tailored to individual authors’ requirements and budgets. If authors would like something slightly different, they can also design their own Bespoke Package with the support of our team.

If you are planning to write or have written a children’s book you would like to be published, we will be happy to discuss the options with you. Simply email or call 01234 711 956.

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