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Frequently Asked Questions About Self Publishing UK

17 January 2013

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For new authors, the world of self publishing UK can seem a little confusing. Here are some frequently asked questions to provide a little more information about the role of self publishing companies:


What is self publishing?

As the name suggests, it involves producing and distributing a book yourself. You can pay for a company to print the book for you, and they can also offer added services such as distribution and marketing.


Will my book look professional?

It all depends on how you choose to self publish. If you print it out using a home computer, it’s unlikely that it will look particularly good. If you outsource design and printing to a quality self publishing company, then certainly, yes.


Why is self publishing increasing in popularity?

There are many reasons for this, but mainly because the old model of publishing seems increasingly redundant. Traditional publishers need to be profitable, so are reluctant to take risks and publish anything they are not certain will be commercially successful. Self publishing allows authors to skip the commercial side of publishing and get their work directly into the hands of those who want to read it. Authors are also able to make more money and retain creative control over their work.


Does a self published book stand less chance of success?

In the past, self published books were viewed as inferior by some. This is categorically not the case anymore, and many of the best books are brought to life via this route. The impact of self published books on the New York Times' bestseller list can be seen in this Guardian article.


Will my book suffer if I don't know how to market it?

This is another common concern. Marketing is undoubtedly important to a book's chances of success, and many self publishing companies can help you with this. It's often best to use these services, as book publishers are likely to have high quality contacts and resources available to them.


How do I contact a publishing company?

There are a number of companies that offer attractive self publishing services. An internet search will bring up their websites, allowing you to browse what they offer and contact them. Be sure to check reviews of the companies before parting with any money.


The Future of the Self Publishing UK Industry

Self Publishing is now a genuine alternative to traditional publishing options. The self publishing UK industry is only going to continue growing over the next few years as more and more authors discover the advantages that come with it.

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