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Getting the Word Out in Local Newspapers

23 February 2015

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If you are a newly self-published author and wanted to start off a particular buzz around a new title, a great small piece of publicity is getting your pen name out there in local publications. Here at New Generation Publishing we can provide a print media service, where a press agent can take care of talking to local newspapers on your behalf.

On the other hand if you were on a shoestring budget and you’re set on providing marketing efforts yourself, this can be taken on with a bit of persistence to your regional paper.

If your book is based on the area you live in, or in another real world setting this may be a good bit of PR for your title that may help in getting your foot in the door when contacting the newspaper. This may not always work, but creates something a little more newsworthy for local readers and could potentially generate an additional few sales for

Getting yourself published is one step of your journey and getting into regional newspapers is a first step into getting your name out into the public. Once you have gained a bit more traction with your title perhaps a national daily newspaper will pick up on your popularity. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, where we’ll be updating information about our authors as well as regional press publications they’ve appeared in.

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