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How does self-publishing work?

17 July 2018

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If you're considering self-publishing your next novel, you might be wondering how the process works. You'll be glad to hear it's pretty straightforward, with the right help and support!

An author will choose a publishing package that fits their needs, requirements and budget, and the author will have a member of staff who will answer any questions and advise them accordingly.

The author’s manuscript is sent to the publisher as a word document, which the publisher will edit (if requested by the author), typeset to an agreed book size, and this document will then be sent back to the author as a PDF for approval.

At this stage, the author may notice some changes that they would like to make to the manuscript, and a form is supplied by the publisher asking the author to list the changes required. These changes are made and an amended PDF is sent to the author for approval.

The same process then happens for the cover design.

Once both the cover design and text have been signed off, the ISBN number is assigned to the book and the files are then sent to the printer. Once the book is approved at the printer, the bibliographic data is sent to the retailers and wholesalers, making the book available for sale throughout the world.

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