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How to beat the January writing blues

22 January 2020

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A lot of people get that revitalised feeling at the beginning of the year. It’s a chance for a fresh start and to take up a hobby or goal they have been putting off for a while.

Experts say that timing can be a factor when it comes to writer’s block, so for some of us, January and the darker days in general can mean the opposite, and instead bring on the blues with a complete lack of motivation.

Here’s how to beat those January writing blues.

1. Refresh your mind - and your ideas

If you took some time off to celebrate the festive season, it can be difficult to get back into the groove as a writer. This will probably have left you with very little motivation to start writing again.

Refresh your mind by going over your notes, storyboards, and by having a quick read of what you’ve achieved so far. You should find that motivation begins to return and, along with it, a burst of fresh, new ideas.

2. Clean your workspace

A simple trick to help beat the January writing blues is to give your workspace a spruce up. A clean environment will contribute to an increase in your motivation, giving you a fresh outlook for the new year.

You can also consider adding a few extra inspirational items to your office space, such as motivational quotes, photographs of your favourite places to visit and some extras like plants or decorative items.

3. Start fresh on your reading list

Another top tip for beating the writing blues this January is to start reading all those books you got gifted for Christmas!

So, set yourself a goal and get that reading list checked off.

Don’t let those unread books get dusty on your bookshelves; just picking up a book and reading it can help beat the January blues and might even give you the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

4. Ease yourself out of the ‘self-pity’ mindset

Wallowing in self-pity? Not feeling inspired? Procrastinating and focusing on other things? All of this can prevent you from beating those January blues.

All of those negative thought patterns you might be feeling at this time of the year can really impact your ability to pick up a pen and carry on writing.

Consider making a priority list so that other responsibilities aren’t ignored, but, equally, no longer continue to run around in your mind, either.

5. Just. Start. Writing.

Perhaps the simplest way to beat the January blues is to switch on your computer and just start writing.

Timing, perfectionism, distractions, and fear - all of that stuff can act as a barrier to prevent you from writing, but do you want to know the best way to combat them? Start writing anyway! Remove all distractions, put any reservations to the back of your mind and just crack on.

It might not be your best work, but that doesn’t matter - it’s a step in the right direction to get you to beat those January blues!

Wrapping up

There’s an abundance of tips and advice here on how to cure January blues, and we have barely scratched the surface.

On top of the tips listed here, ensure you get plenty of time in the sunshine and enjoy some regular exercise, which will, of course, get those endorphins pumping and lift your mood.

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