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How to find self-publishing inspiration when you need ideas

12 September 2019

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It can take a lot of discipline and will-power to even start the initial process of writing a book, let alone seeing it through to the end. You might find that you go through phases of uninterrupted motivation and moments where inspiration may dwindle.

If you keep finding yourself procrastinating, then you might be in need of some serious self-publishing inspiration!

Read on for help finding self-publishing inspiration when you need ideas.

1. Read success stories of some top self-publishers

Some of the top publishers in the business started out with, you guessed it, a self-publishing package. You’ll find plenty of inspiration to keep you going by reading about the rags to riches stories of huge household names such as E. L James, Andy Weir, and Russell Blake.

It can take multiple years or novels for an author’s name to get out there, and we all know that top publishing houses never like to take too much of a chance on an up and coming name.

2. Go back to your plans and notes

For more practical advice on finding inspiration for your writing, you should always turn back to your storyboards, flow-charts and any other notes you made when initially planning your novel.

You should soon find that not only are you more motivated to finish your novel, but your notes will help you head in the right direction with your writing, in accordance with your original plans.

And if you didn’t before, it might be a good idea to write out a structured work schedule, to ensure you stay on top of tasks but also break down the writing of your novel into manageable chunks. This way, you can stay motivated and inspired, instead of overwhelmed or disheartened.

3. Check out the works of your rivals

A big way to get that self-publishing inspiration back is to delve into some of the works in your genre, and remind yourself of a) why you’re writing your book and b) what original ideas your book can bring to the genre.

Instead of reading these books and worrying about what you lack, you should focus on what you excel at. Hopefully, by taking this approach, your inspiration for self-publishing should be back in no time!

4. Make a new mood or story-board

Novels can sometimes take a new direction, even halfway through the process. If this is why you’re lacking in self-publishing inspiration, then it might be time to plot the new form your book is taking with brand new mood-boards and story-boards that reflect your updated ideas.

Using websites such as Pinterest can help immensely with visualisation and inspiration, so don’t be afraid to play around with those platforms if good old-fashioned pens and paper aren’t cutting it for you right now.

5. Forget your worries

Part of the reason you may be lacking inspiration with your quest into self-publishing might be the fear of failure. It can be difficult to find inspiration in something we are worried, more than excited about, so try to forget your worries about success and failure, and focus on what’s important - getting that novel written!

Wrapping up

It’s perfectly normal to go through phases when it comes to inspiration for writing and self-publishing your own novel.

We hope that the above tips have helped you get that much-needed motivation back when you feel your lack of inspiration has gone to the point of no return.

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