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How to get a book published

26 July 2019

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Having an idea for a book and ensuring it makes its way onto paper is only the first step towards getting your hard work published.

The publishing process can be daunting, confusing and, at times, challenging to get your head around - unless you opt for self-publishing!

If you’re thinking about writing a novel, or have just finished one, here are a few tips on how to get your book published more quickly.

1. Choose the best method for you

Publishing houses might offer big-money deals and take care of the promotion for you. But keep in mind that many of them tend to work with the same authors and big-name celebrities in an attempt to protect their financial investment.

The route into self-publishing remains the most cost-effective and accessible way for new authors to get their work out there.

We personally feel that for many authors nowadays, with the growing e-book popularity and expanding market for independent work, the self-publishing method is your best bet.

Self-publishing also allows creative control over your work, so it reaches your readership exactly how you intended it to be seen. The big publishers won’t necessarily stifle your creativity, but sometimes compromises have to be made that aren’t a concern when going it alone. With self-publishing, you always remain in control.

2. Choose a publishing package for your budget

If you’ve decided to go down the self-publishing route, there are a wide variety of packages to choose from, depending on your budget.

At New Generation Publishing, we cater for all budgets and offer packages for the hobby writer to the aspiring bestseller, and all writers in between!

Even our best value plan, the Standard Publishing Package, provides all the typical features you need to publish your book. This includes word file conversion, ISBN registration and full distribution. Benefit from both our expertise in the industry and administrative skills while publishing your work at a relatively small cost for the hassle it saves!

3. Make sure you’ve made all those vital finishing touches

Depending on the publishing package you’ve chosen, you may be in luck and have some of those finishing touches included.

Even our Standard Publishing Package comes with a choice from one of our template cover designs. This makes it easier than ever to add those final touches to your book, so it’s ready for publication and distribution.

You can also opt for extras such as marketing kits and tailored press releases which help you market and advertise your book to a broader audience. These additional options are designed to not only sell more copies of your published book but help to establish your brand name in a diluted sphere of writers.

See our package comparison page for more details on our additional features.

Wrapping up

We hope that this guide on how to get a book published has helped you understand how to get your book published.

Contact us today at New Generation Publishing to find out more about our range of packages available to cater to any budget.

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