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How to perfect book marketing on Amazon

18 September 2018

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It remains one of the most important digital distribution networks for authors, and Amazon shows no signs of losing it’s substantial popularity among consumers.

We can help self-published authors make the most of Amazon as a selling platform for their work, but we appreciate you might want ‘in’ on some of the marketing strategies that have worked brilliantly for countless writers.

With that in mind, here’s four killer secrets for successfully marketing a book on Amazon:

1. Get the title right

Believe it or not, the title of your book is probably the most important marketing tool you have to hand. It’s therefore a shame that it’s so often overlooked or left to a last-minute panic decision.

Remember - Amazon isn’t just a store, it’s a search engine, and that means the title of your book will often be the first thing that catches a consumer’s eye. They may not be looking for it specifically, but if the title piques their interest, you’re halfway to making a sale.

Take time over your title. A working title is absolutely fine and standard practice as you’re crafting your work, but don’t settle on a final title unless you’re absolutely happy with it.

2. Don’t skimp on cover design

What’s the first thing people are likely to see after noticing your title? That’s right - the cover design.

We’re an image-conscious bunch, us humans, and we’re particularly superficial when it comes to shopping; if something looks nice and hits the right price point, it’s hard to resist.

Your book is no different. If the title nails it, but the cover is lacklustre, uninteresting or - worse - looks like it’s been thrown together with clip art in Microsoft Word, you’ll put off more potential buyers than you attract new readers.

If you’re to spend money on anything other than the standard publishing fees, divert it towards someone who can design a great cover for you - the return on investment will be satisfying.

3. Research your keywords

As we’ve already established, Amazon is a search engine as much as it is an online store, therefore it relies heavily on keywords to ensure products end up within the most relevant search results.

Your title will benefit from a keyword or two, but make sure the description is keyword rich (without becoming stuffed with them and unreadable), and pick the genre wisely.

Just like Google, no one outside of Amazon’s executive and development teams knows exactly how their algorithms work, but always play safe and focus on a good keyword strategy to give your book the best chance of high-ranking success.

4. Make your description look good

We touched on this in tip three, but it’s vitally important that your book description can be easily read and, more importantly, invites the reader to do so.

Thankfully, Amazon provides authors with the ability to format their description with bold type, bullet points and italics. So - use those features!

Imagine if you’ve got the title just right and the cover design beautifully engaging, but your description ruins it due to it being one, massive lump of text no one bothers to read!

Wrapping up

We love Amazon - it’s such a great way for self-published authors to sell their books. With our help and the tips above, you’ll be heading up their charts in no time at all!

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