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How to self-publish that difficult second novel

18 January 2019

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Whether you have a brand-new idea you’d like to pursue for your second novel, or you’re creating a highly anticipated sequel, writing that difficult second book is tricky enough without all the added stress that comes from publisher pressure and deadlines.

If you published your first novel the traditional way, but have a feeling you’d be much better off self-publishing the next book, you’re onto a very good thing indeed!

Here are the four key steps for self-publishing that difficult second novel:

1. Choose a package that suits you

The first thing you should do is choose the self-publishing package that suits the needs of your novel.

Self-publishing companies understand that many people wish to self-publish but are usually on a tight budget. You’ll be pleased to know that there are companies (ahem…) offering packages that can provide authors with all the basic requirements needed to publish their own novel!

For instance, the gold and platinum packages at New Generation Publishing offer everything you need. From novice to best-selling author, we have the right package for any writer at any stage of their career.

With all packages, we assign an ISBN number as standard and feature your title on our e-shop, available to purchase in physical or electronic format.

2. Create or choose a cover design

We recognise the importance of having a great, captivating cover design. It’s often the thing that draws people in and the first impression you get to make, so it needs to stand out and most importantly fit the theme and niche of your work.

With all packages we offer, you can choose to submit your own cover design or use one of our templates that will easily allow you to create a beautiful cover for your novel.

If you’d instead like a cover design made completely by us, simply choose a package that includes a bespoke design and enjoy being able to focus on the more important things!

3. Sign-off on proofs

You’ll need to choose typeface for your novel and the size you want your book to be. But don’t worry, any edits we make to the layout and design will require your full approval before it’s sent to the printers.

The key here is to make sure your self-publishing company is aware of any author branding and consistencies you would like to retain if you are adopting a certain style for a series of novels.

4. Marketing and promotion

Chances are, if your first novel did well enough to warrant a sequel or new book from you, then you’ll already have an established fan base that can’t wait to get their hands on your next piece of work.

Having said that, for any novel, the marketing and promotion is still really important and a part of the self-publishing process that should always be taken seriously and have a significant amount of time invested in.

Wrapping up

As an increasingly popular method of publishing novels, self-publishing is likely the easiest and most financially viable way to publish your second book. Give it a go!

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