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How we Support New Writers

8 July 2015

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The leading self-publishers at New Generation Publishing fully understand what an intense, exhausting and gruelling process writing a first novel can be. They are fully able to present the first-time novelist with a package of features that can bring the best out of the ambitious and apparitional scribe.  With the eventual outcome of a book always extremely unpredictable during the initial stages of creation, the experts at this well-regarded group of industry experts and insiders are able to support a writer's efforts in a number of key areas.

Here are five ways that our advice and guidance can prove indispensable.

  • New Generation Publishing understand the power of the press and can help  harness that power with the careful construction of a string of press releases designed to let the media world - and potential readers - know all about the impending publication of a new novel. Through the use of specific media contacts, the news of a first time novelist can reach all of the right places.
  • Book distribution is integral to all writers who wish to reach the maximum numbers of potential readers. Thankfully, this is eminently possible with cultivated links to high street vendors such as Waterstones and WH Smith's, who can ensure a novel's availability to order. When international markets such as Amazon EU, Barnes & Noble in America and Dymocks in Australia are added to this list, it becomes only too clear the path to success for new writers lies ahead of them.
  • Every writer with a desire for the best chances of success should be aware of the vast range of possibilities locked within the internet. Through expert methods, a novel's title and the author's name can be tactically spread over specific internet searches such as google books and Amazon search.  This heightens the chances for the right audience to find a new work dedicated to the subject matter that they share a passion for.
  • We are also knowledgeable in the power of the internet in terms of personal websites. In these days of instant news and information gathering, a well designed and regularly updated home website is absolutely essential for all ambitious writers. As a means to developing a strong network of readers and fans, it is a truly valuable tool.
  • Appearing in libraries is another important factor for a first time novel than can be dealt with comprehensively by the well-connected experts at New Generation Publishing. We can offer copies of e-books to local libraries, allowing a new author to reach an even wider audience. In this way, new markets and new readers can be positively sourced.

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