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Getting Established With New Generation Publishing

3 May 2013

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New Generation Publishing Gets Your Voice Heard
New writers hoping to get published are free to take advantage of New Generation Publishing. Whereas the battle to get recognised and supported by the traditional publishers tends to be tougher than ever due to increasing caution and uncertainty, new writers only need to invest a modest sum to see their work printed. There’s no need to order more books than necessary when you’re just starting out, and many writers have seen a limited run of around 100 books selling out quickly. If an initial print run if a success, it can pay to order a larger run next time, and you should see the chances of the main publishers taking a chance on you increase as a result of your success.

Be Paid For Work That You Love

Marketing your own book can be difficult, but many publishing companies have strong links with distributors and booksellers that they can use to get your work in the shops. Generally, New Generation Publishing are always on hand to offer you valuable advice and can even design a cover for you, making your books look as professional and as attractive as possible. Writers can expect to enjoy 100% creative control over the content of their book. Many writers aren’t as motivated by money as they are by the idea of enjoying exposure, but that’s not to say that self-publishing cannot be financially rewarding. If you love writing, being able to make a living from it can be a welcome bonus.


Focus On Your Writing Whilst It Is Promoted

Allowing New Generation Publishing to take care of the marketing side for you can enable you to concentrate on your work, safe in the knowledge that promotional activities are being executed on your behalf. If you wish to do so, you can simply send forward your manuscript, pay for the publishing and manuscript and let the company of your choice take care of the rest of the work, whilst enjoying 100% of the revenue that is generated from your work. However, that’s not to say that you cannot promote your work independently if you wish. The social networking field has made it easier for new authors to promote their work to interested parties, but in terms of negotiating with booksellers and distributors, the extra help that a self-publishing company can offer can be worth its weight in gold. New Generation Publishing can also contact the local newspapers and bloggers on your behalf in order to spread the word. They can work alongside you to provide you with the perfect package for your needs and can help you to ensure that your audience reach is maximised. 

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