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NGP Author Stories: Jack Ginesi

30 July 2014

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New Generation Publishing is pleased to introduce Jack Ginesi, the focus of this weeks author story, as well as looking into his book The Curious History of Joshua Ramdinkka.

JackJack Ginesi is a Sussex-based writer, artist and entrepreneur. He has studied psychology, philosophy and neuro-linguistic programming, along with a number of spiritual and mystical traditions. At around 18-years-old Jack started writing about a fictional village in Southern Europe, inventing a whole cast of gloriously oddball characters. Around the same time he began to record his own experiences and observations on life. Finally, after many years, he drew the two together, transforming what started off as an amusing and thought-provoking collection of anecdotes into his debut novel, the Curious History of Joshua Ramdinkka.

Curious HistoryThe publication is an intriguing, reflective and enigmatic new wave novel that delves into the psychology and spirituality behind our unique experience of ‘reality’. In his first mainstream work, author Jack Ginesi provides a book that compels the reader to examine patterns in their own life. The idea that human experience is a matter of perception, and that all truth is subjective, is a powerful theme.

Set in a bygone world of vineyards and village life, this is a novel about the choices we make and how they make us. It’s about living in the shadow of greatness, the perils of discovering you are God and the realisation that no one else will ever see the world quite the way you do.

Joshua Ramdinkka is having a bad day...that makes 14,768 and counting. It’s not like he asked to take over the running of the celebrated Ramdinkka vineyard but, as the last of his distinguished line, what choice did he have? The suspicion that great grandfather’s ghost is trying to muscle his way back into the family business isn’t helping matters. Nor is the fact that his alter ego has accidentally killed the village mime. Now it seems the council is just itching to bulldoze his beloved family home. But is Joshua a victim or the architect of his own misfortune? The answer is staring him in the face but, with the Grim Reaper dogging his every step, can he really cheat death and reclaim his life or is he destined to fall foul of a classic cinematic cliché?

His book is available from our bookshop here and in e-book format.

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