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NGP Author Stories: Joan Barbara Simon

17 June 2014

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New Generation Publishing introduces the author of Long Time Walk on Water, Mut@tus and The Red Room in our author stories series. We'll be keeping readers updated of case studies and the backgrounds of our authors, no matter what your background is, there is always a story in everyone.  

Joan Barbara Simon

Joan Barbara Simon (Ph.D.); novelist, poetess, songwriter. Lecturer. Researcher. Trouble-maker. She's been called a brainy little nympho. She's been called a man without a dick, or a woman with one. She can learn to live with that. She's been reaping 5-star reviews for her fiction in all genres. She looks more closely at undefined spaces - linguistic, sexual, philosophical, political - because she knows how to resist the temptation, the comfort, of easy answers.

Joan Barbara Simon has been teaching for 25 years, moving from primary schools to adult education, from the business sector to Higher Education. Alongside her works of fiction and anthologies of creative writing, she has published academic works on young children’s multilingual literacy development and is the first person to have rewritten a doctoral thesis - her own - as a trilingual children’s book. She’s currently working towards her second doctoral thesis and her third novel. 

Forthcoming events:

The success of the Eggcerpt Exchange is followed up by a summer special, showcasing some of the best in contemporary women's fiction. Joan Barbara Simon will be participating, of course!

AUGUST 2014:

History & Homecoming: from J.A. to the U.K:
Rose Thompson flies from Jamaica to the UK at a time when the former still belonged to the latter, so is she leaving home or coming home? At the Edinburgh ebook festival 2014 (Aug 4-Sep 3), Joan Barbara Simon raises questions on belonging and identity in her novel, Long Time Walk on Water.


Blakely Bennett joins the list of writing professionals soliciting an interview with our ‘brainy little nympho’. More details in autumn 2014.

Joan Barabara Simon can be found through her website

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