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NGP Author Stories: Robert Villier

22 September 2014

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One of our latest newcomers to New Generation Publishing is a retired naval officer turned author Robert Villier.

We are currently in the process of printing and publishing his first children’s book: ‘The Adventures of No Hat and Keep Trying’.  Robert Villier has also written an autobiography: ‘The Voyage of a lifetime’, 'Blackbeard and the Bengal Tiger' and just completing ‘The Donaldson Legacy’.

His trilogy is written in adult language and suitable for children of all ages, in fact adults have also enjoyed reading it. The fact that is also contains factual information and has meaningful moral values, makes it all the more enjoyable and a worthwhile read.

They are the amazing adventures of a young African boy and a baby elephant – possessing such names. They meet and join up, discovering they have an incredible and unique ability of being able to talk and understand each other perfectly well! In these three stories they are to share many exciting times with the added companionship of an Oxpecker bird, who had decided to join them. They made a curious but formidable team, but this most unlikely trio, each with their own talents were to forge a bond of true friendship and face many challenges. It was a strange but wonderful alliance that was to benefit both them their tribe and herd. 

The trilogy is a good read for children of all ages and is currently being read and enjoyed by his grandson’s reception year children (four and five-year olds).

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