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NGP Author Stories: Sean Hynes

15 August 2014

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New Generation Publishing feature author Sean Hynes, author of Hard as Granard in the author story of the week.

Born in republic of Ireland in Granard, County Longford, Sean had a very tough, hungry, almost brutal upbringing, at age 13 years his father had an accident working in England, his mother who was with him whilst Sean & family being cared for by an aunt.

Upon his father receiving compensation for accident, his mother immediately made her way back home to, clothe and bring all remaining children across to England, Sean then had to be schooled in England for further two years, much to his annoyance indeed.

Upon leaving school, Sean took a vast number of jobs, many varied and even strange from which culminated in Sean writing his, autobiography-life story, Hard as Granard, featured on on bookstore - a funny, sad and brutal, pulling at the heart strings, where readers both, laughed and cried reading his storey, which proved popular.

Sean now lives in Essex and indeed in the wider field, has been inundated with requests for an autographed copy, with even requests for a photo of the buyer with Sean, and copy of book, plus requests to go one further, begging for a follow up-sequel, to which is now being given serious consideration - watch this space.

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