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Perfecting Your Work: Editing

7 August 2018

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You have worked tirelessly on your manuscript, you have received good feedback from friends, family, book groups, peer review sites, and so on, who think it is ready to be published. You have signed up for a publishing package that will provide all the production, marketing, and sales services that you require to create a beautiful product and to make it available to the customers around the world.

However, the one difference often highlighted between traditional and self-publishing is editing – that layer of additional work that takes a manuscript from having potential to being great. 

Some authors work with their own editor; some edit themselves and have the skills to perform both roles of author and editor. Though if you don’t fit into either of these categories, your self-publishing company should be able to offer editing services, with the editing completed by professional, qualified editors.

Note the difference between editing and proofreading. Editing is more structural, removing structural errors and line-by-line improving the work. New Generation Publishing will be happy to discuss its editing service with you – just ask!

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