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Self Publishing conventions around the world 2016

1 February 2016

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If you were lucky enough to get to our Self Publishing Summit earlier this year, you'll know what a valuable resource it is meeting the people that can help and advise you how to make the best out of your budget. Making the jump from writer to published author can be demanding and often stressful, particularly if you don't know where to start. The processes from draft to print, creating artwork, submitting it to online stores and marketing books online are all areas discussed at our summit. We're busy planning out next event already and offer some great support to our authors once they've taken the plunge.  If you're interested in finding out more about the self-publishing route, would like to connect with successful authors and engage with like-minded writers, there are a number of conventions and events across the world taking place over the next few months or you can contact us for more information.

Whether you're in the United States, France, UK or Egypt there's sure to be a date and location below that could prove a valuable insight into the world of self publishing.


Clays Self publishing Indie Insights Evening: Feb 4 (London, UK)
Pub West Conference: Feb 4 -> 6 (Sante Fe, NM, USA)
Coastal Magic Convention: Feb 4 -> 7 (Daytona Beach, FL, USA)
Karachi Literature Festival: Feb 5 -> 7 (Karachi, Pakistan)
Cairo International Book Fair: ongoing to Feb 10 (Cairo, Egypt)
Feria Internacional del Libro de la Habana: Feb 11 -> 21 (Havana, Cuba)
Taipei International Book Exhibition: Feb 16 -> 21 (Taipei, Taiwan)
Amelia Island Book Festival: Feb 18 -> 20 (Florida, USA)
San Francisco Writers Conference, Feb. 11->15 (San Francisco, USA)
Bruxelles Book Fair: Feb 18 -> 22 (Bruxelles, Belgium)
Alabama Writing Workshop, Feb 19 (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)
Perth Writers Festival (as part of PIAF): 19 -> 21 Feb (Perth, Australia)
Sleuthfest: 25 -> 28 Feb (Florida, USA)
Vilnius Book Fair: Feb 25 -> 28 (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Adelaide Writers Week 2016: 27 Feb -> 3 Mar (Adelaide, Australia)

MARCH 2016

Emirate Airlines Festival of Literature: Mar 1 -> 12 (Dubai)
New Zealand Writers Week: 8 -> 13 Mar (New Zealand)
Mountains to Sea -> dlr Book Festival: Mar 9 -> 13 (Dublin, Ireland)
Love is Murder Conference, mainly for mystery and romance writers: Mar 11 -> 13 (Chicago, Ill.)
The Tucson Festival of Books: Mar 12 -> 16 (University of Arizona campus, Tucson, AZ, USA)
Paris Book Fair: Mar 17 -> 20 (Paris, France)
2020: A Publishing Odyssey (SYP): Mar 18 (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Alexandrina International Book Fair: Mar 24 -> Apr 5 (Alexandria, Egypt)
Tampa Writers Conference, Mar 25 ( Tampa, FL )
Fort Lauderdale Conference for Writers: Mar 26 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

APRIL 2016

Bologna Childrens Book Fair: Apr 4 -> 7 (Bologna, Italy)
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books: 9 -> 10 Apr (Los Angeles, USA)
Okanagan Valley Writers’ Festival; 8 -> 10 Apr (Penticton, BC, Canada)
London Book Fair: 12 -> 14 Apr (London, UK)
Indie Author Fringe: Apr 15 (Online, Global) -> brought to you by ALLi
Pikes Peak Writers’ Conference; Apr 15 -> 17 ( Colorado Springs, Colorado)
Story Circle Network Women’s Writing Conference; Apr 15 -> 17 ( Austin, TX)
Writer’s Institute; Apr 15 -> 17 (Madison, Wisconsin)
23rd Annual Budapest International Book Festival: Apr 21 -> 24 (Budapest, Hungary)
Buenos Aires Book Fair: Apr 21 -> May 9 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Abu Dhabi International Book Fair: Apr 27 -> May 1 (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Geneva Book & Press Fair: Apr 27 -> May 1 (Geneva, Switzerland)
Las Vegas Writers Conference; Apr 28 -> 30 ( Las Vegas, Nevada)


Teheran International Book Fair: May 5 -> 15 (Teheran, Iran)
The Self-publishing Conference: May 7 (Leicester, UK)
Book Expo America: May 11 -> 13 (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Indie Author Fringe: May 14 (Online, Global) -> brought to you by ALLi
Warsaw Book Fair: May 19 -> 22 (Warsaw, Poland)
Kingsmead College Book Fair: May 21 (Johannesburg, SA)


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