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19 February 2019

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Do you buy books from Amazon, Waterstones, BOOKS etc. and/or Barnes & Noble?

Let’s assume the answer is yes. The next question is how can you ensure that your books are available through such extensive distribution channels?

Distribution is vital for any published author – without it your book will be unavailable to potential customers, thereby compromising sales. This is as simple statement but you’d be surprised how many self-published authors print their book and have no wholesale and distribution plan in place and expect immediate sales.

Options are out there

You can make your ebook available exclusively with Amazon KDP to sell your ebooks on Amazon, or you could choose to distribute directly to Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Nook (by using their do-it-yourself portals), then use Smashwords to capture the rest of the market (such as Scribd and libraries).

Or you could also utilise the benefits of working with a good, professional self-publishing partner. All New Generation Publishing packages contain full distribution, meaning that your published book will appear on the pages of all the aforementioned online retailers. In addition, your book will be available to order through high-street retailers, providing your potential audience with all the options they need to purchase your book.

Reaching an international audience

Many authors also want to target other countries/continents and there are many platforms out there such as Barnes & Noble in the US, in South Africa, Dymocks in Australia, Flipkart in India or Amazon EU in Europe which can support this process. And a good self-publishing partner will have strong relationships/contacts in place to help support you and turn the dream of an international sale into a reality.

Keeping stock

Ensuring physical books are always in stock can also prove to be an issue for some self-published authors when it comes to maintaining sales and distribution channels.

To help combat this, we can partner with the publishing industry’s leading distributors and wholesalers. This service allows authors to have a stock of [20] copies of their book kept in stock to ensure shortened distribution times and enhanced availability to trade customers.

This service is for new titles only and needs to be indicated before any production work begins on the book. For further details & terms and conditions please call 01234 711956 or email

Whichever option you end up choosing, please be sure to do your research. There are a multitude of options which need careful consideration, and it’s up to individual authors to decide which one is the correct route for them.

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