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Steps to Take When you Self Publish a Book

5 December 2012

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For first-time authors, publishing a book can seem like a long and daunting process, but if you choose to self publish, you can take away much of the technical side by putting it in the hands of a self-publishing company. There are many companies in the UK that offer publishing services to allow first time authors to get their book to market as quickly and effectively as possible. That isn’t to say that the process is simple; writing and publishing a book requires a high level of hard work and dedication, especially if you are to succeed in what is a very competitive marketplace. You should go in with an open mind and consider all options available to you.


Below are some of the most important steps you will need to take when you self publish your book:


1. Know your Audience

Before you start writing your book, you need to figure out your niche of readers. Is your audience mainly women, working professionals, teenagers or children? Knowing your audience will help you develop your manuscript, identify ways of marketing your book and gain a better idea about your sales potential. Once you know who they are, start finding them and tell them about your upcoming novel!


2. Write your Book

It’s a full time job writing a book; it’s one thing to have an idea but getting it into words and forming a beginning, middle and an end can be tricky. Creating a plan with a writing schedule is important so you stay on track and set yourself goals every now and then.


3. Contact a Self-Publishing Company

It’s time to start the process and get in touch with a self publishing company. Ask what services they can offer you and get a quote. Choose a package that best suits you and your requirements. Discuss your goals and ideas with the publisher and make decisions with regards to the type of book, the layout and cover design.


4. Signing off your Book

This is a very important step as it gives you the chance to go through your book with a fine-toothed comb and check that you are happy with everything. Once you have agreed design and layout your book can be signed off, an ISBN number can be assigned and files can be sent to the printer. When your book has been approved at the printer, relevant bibliographic data is sent to the retailers and wholesalers and your book is made available for your readers to buy worldwide.


5. Marketing your Book

You should think about ways of marketing your book well before it is published. When you choose a company to help you self publish, they can also offer you a number of marketing services so it is worth taking advantage of this. Building a website for your book is great as you can then post press releases, blogs and signings here. Gaining book reviews and building social media platforms are also highly recommended whist attending book festivals, reading groups and public speaking events are other effective ways in promoting your new book.


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