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The joy of a good review (courtesy of Mo Stewart)

23 January 2017

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As any self-published author will tell you, there's nothing quite like receiving a positive review of your book.

All those late nights toiling over character development and the painstaking time spent proofreading, re-writing and editing again once you've involved a beta reader suddenly become completely worthwhile when a paying customer or professional reviewer takes some of their own time to give you the thumbs up.

We love hearing success stories from our authors, and a recent email from self-published NGP writer, Mo Stewart, put a smile on our face that was no doubt as wide as hers.

“I suspect you are used to such good reviews about your books," said Mo, "but it’s nice for me to see such positive comments."

She was referring principally to her recently published book that conducts a no-holds-barred excavation of the ‘planned demolition of the welfare state’ following a colossal six years of self-funded research. With a foreword by Professor Peter Beresford and eye catching illustrations by Crippen Cartoons’ Dave Lupton, Cash Not Care has struck a chime with its audience.

“Stewart’s research is compelling. Her findings are backed with strong evidence from a broad range of sources which are transparently included in the book,” writes Laura Graham for Independent Living. “The writing style makes the book accessible beyond academics and should be widely read and debated. The content, if published as fiction would not be believed. But anyone with an awareness of current issues affecting disability and long-term sickness in the UK knows how important Stewart’s research is in raising awareness of a huge problem that receives very little media interest beyond a developing narrative of demonising disabled and sick people.”

The Times Higher Education website listed Cash Not Care among its new and noteworthy pieces in November last year, with reviewer Karen Shook exclaiming, “Full of heart-breaking truths? Surely. Courageous? Without a doubt. Bristling with references, footnotes, boxes, cartoons and determinedly emphatic use of boldface, this study crosses a minefield of acronyms, austerity, elected quislings and outsourced bad-deed-doers, coroners’ reports and incapacity benefit reassessments. Research done as though it were a matter of life or death – and it is.”

At the time of writing, Cash Not Care has also received fourteen five star reviews on Amazon, proving that both critics and Mo’s intended audience have made every second spent during those six years of research and writing utterly worth it. Well done, Mo!

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