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What should you look out for when finding and choosing a self-publishing company?

14 May 2021

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Self-publishing is a popular option amongst today’s would-be and already published authors. It unlocks a long list of benefits for writers at all stages and of varying experience.

As well as being particularly cost effective, self-publishing enables you to realise your dreams of becoming a published author without wasting time or giving into the demands of more traditional publishing houses. Self-publishing offers the chance to get your work out there, whatever your writing style or chosen genre, and can even allow you to shine on the international stage.

Harnessing all these benefits however relies on assistance and support from the right self-publishing company, so where do you begin when finding and choosing a self-publishing company?


Remember experience counts

There’s so many different self-publishing services to choose from in the UK alone, yet selecting a company that knows the industry inside out is important. Here at New Generation Publishing, we have years of experience assisting writers in all niches, and thanks to this expertise, we’re a leading self-publishing service in the UK.


Look for a wide range of options

Your self-publishing package shouldn’t be a one size fits all. We understand that every author is different, and with this, you need a self-publishing service that caters to your unique requirements as well as your budget.

We offer a wide range of self-publishing options, including standard, advanced, premier, bookseller, bestseller, bespoke and literary agent packages. You can compare all our self-publishing packages here.


Choose a truly supportive service

At New Generation Publishing, our service doesn’t end when you have your printed book in hand. Our team is with you for the long haul or for as long as you need us to provide the support you require to make your published book a success.

We offer guidance every step of the way, including typesetting, full and partial editing, website help, and online and retail marketing assistance. We even provide free consultation and support to ensure you can take advantage of the huge wealth of knowledge we have of the publishing world.


Select a publisher with a global reputation

Your book doesn’t just deserve coverage in your local area. It deserves to be made available to a national and even global audience. We’ve successfully published books that are available around the world. In fact, we’ve distributed the titles penned by New Generation Publishing writers in some 195 countries!

Find out why New Generation Publishing is the best fit for you by contacting us on or 01234 711956.


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