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What types of books can you get published with NGP’s self-publishing service?

11 January 2021

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With a personal approach, retail pricing, worldwide distribution, professional marketing, and experience in both traditional and self-publishing, New Generation Publishing is the perfect partner for any would-be or established author.

Our self-publishing service provides an array of options for those looking to bring their literary creations to their target audience, but what types of books can you get published here at New Generation Publishing? In this blog post, we answer this all-important question…


Authors of fiction can find a comprehensive self-publishing service right here. We have experience publishing, editing, distributing and marketing all types of fiction books, including science fiction and children’s titles.

Self-publishing your fiction book is an excellent idea for so many reasons, whether you’ve just penned your manuscript and are eager to get it out there or it’s been sitting in the top drawer of your desk for a long time. With our self-publishing service, you can not only get your book edited, published and distributed to realise your dreams of becoming an author but actively boost your profile to pave the way for even greater success.


Our work with non-fiction authors is just as renowned. As you’ll see from our bookstore, we’ve published non-fiction books covering every subject, including health, history, politics, sport and business. Our experts have also helped to bring biographies and non-fiction children’s books to market.

With our self-publishing service, you can rest assured that they’ll be no creative compromises. Whilst you’ll remain in full control, our professional team is here for you to ensure your non-fiction title is as accurate as possible.


Some manuscripts simply can’t be classified as fiction or non-fiction, but we specialise in niche genres too. We’ve worked with authors publishing Christian and teen titles, as well as poetry, photography and reference books.

Our support for self-publishers at every stage ensures niche titles along with fiction and non-fiction books are professionally edited, published, distributed and marketed. We offer a range of publishing packages as a result, each of which is designed to meet every author’s budget and unique requirements.

You can explore all the fiction, non-fiction and niche titles we’ve proudly published by browsing our bookstore. Are you an aspiring author? Compare our publishing packages right here to find a self-publishing service that works for you, your book and your budget. You can also contact us to discuss your self-publishing needs.

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