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What will it cost to self publish a book?

14 August 2018

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New Generation Publishing offers a range of self-publishing packages designed to meet all authors’ needs, requirements and budgets. We offer the Standard Package, Advanced Package, Premier Package, Bookseller Package and Bestseller Package. Each publishing package contains four common elements: publication, typographical layout, global distribution and personal support.

In order to guarantee satisfaction for the author, we will send electronic proofs enabling them to see how the book will look once published. If at this stage, the author wishes to make changes, they can and the first set of changes will be made completely free of charge.

Until we receive written confirmation from the author that they are completely satisfied by the typographical layout and the cover design, we will not proceed with the publication.

When an author publishes a book with New Generation Publishing, we want to ensure that the author has as much control as possible over all elements of the book publication process. We also understand that each author has different levels of understanding when it comes to publishing a book. This is why we have experienced staff on hand to answer any questions you have throughout the entire process.

Download our free guide to find out more about our five publishing packages.

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